A recent update from Google to the Play Store adds an alerting feature for accounts that have been compromised. When a user’s password or account is in danger, the function alerts them and proposes they change their password.

Google updated the Play system for Android devices a few days ago. The update enhanced the functionality of Google Kids Space and added several new capabilities for Wear OS users. Google Play Services (v36.22) does, however, have a new security feature that aids customers in protecting their accounts and data.

Google now alerts you when a password compromise occurs. When utilizing the password autofill feature, your device now notifies you if any of your passwords have been affected by a data breach and suggests you update them. These days, data breaches occur increasingly frequently, making it essential to constantly update security credentials.

Advertisement The Wallet app has received various improvements as a result of the Play Services upgrade. When using a digital vehicle key to lock, unlock, or start a car, users can now get visual clues on their phones. When purchasing transit passes, travelers can also see the open-loop transit providers.

New features for Google and third-party app developers are included in the release. Account management, security, and privacy-related developer services are now supported in apps by developers. Additionally, Google gives you access to more information about the Plays Top Picks by expanding results.

The most recent addition to Android devices following the update is the Android 13 consumer education experience. However, we are still unsure about its meaning and use.

Advertisement Update your Google Play Store to the most recent version if you wish to use the new features described below. But don’t worry, you won’t need to perform any manual tasks.


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