According to company chairman SC Yu, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) for recreational vehicles (RVs) produced by Taiwan-based Cub Elecparts, which specializes in providing electrical and electronic components for automotive applications as well as smart driving-related sensing devices, has entered the US market. This will significantly improve the company’s financial performance in 2023.

At a recent investor conference, Yu predicted that the US market penetration of RV ABS solutions will increase quickly from 20,000 units in 2022 to 500,000 units in 2026, creating profitable commercial opportunities for his company.

He stated that through the sales channel it has created in the US, Cub Elecparts will also introduce its public warning system (PWS), tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), parking aid system (PAS), and blind spot detection (BSD) system into the market there.

According to Yu, the firm has also received OEM and ODM orders from automotive clients in Europe and the US for AI image recorders and thermal IP cameras, which will be another growth driver for its revenues in 2023.

Yu stated that the company’s exports of imaging radars, biodetection radars, and short, medium, and long range radars will also gradually ramp up to meet the growing smart driving and security surveillance applications.

According to Yu, Cub Elecparts is keeping a close eye on whether the US would expand its limitations to shipments of automotive chips headed for China and has prepared a backup plan to mitigate the effects of any potential restrictions.

According to the strategy, Yu said the company will use its own algorithms and chips developed in China for its driving-related sensors that are sold to Chinese automakers rather than Texas Instruments’ (TI) and other IDMs’ chips.


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