You don’t hear much about Facebook Gaming in streaming these days. With some fresh information on Crayta making its way to Facebook Gaming, that might be about to change. In terms of Xbox, it appears that Keystone requires more time while the firm creates the streaming device. In addition, Amazon Luna details its gaming intentions for June, and this week, GeForce Now turns up the heat with a few new releases.

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CRAYTA COULD Arrive Soon on Facebook Gaming It’s possible that a game that was initially exclusive to Stadia will soon be available on Facebook Gaming. With Crayta, you can not only play a ton of awesome games, but you can also sit down with a piece of paper and create your very own games. Numerous games created by players in your area are available to you to pick from, which forms the foundation of an excellent software.

After being offered on Stadia and the Epic Games Store, Crayta appears to be making its way to Facebook Gaming, according to some early published Twitter advertisements. While the exposed ads don’t provide a particular release date, they are unmistakably an indication that the game will soon be added to Facebook Gaming.

The Crayta website’s very own press kit, which was discovered by the same Twitter user, Bryant Chappel, describes the company’s imminent entry into Facebook Gaming.

Crayta was created by UK-based Unit 2 Games and was released as a Stadia Pro title only on Google Stadia. It was then made available on the Epic Games Store and will soon be available on Facebook Gaming.


Microsoft is formally developing a cloud gaming platform called Keystone. Microsoft almost certainly acknowledged the continued development of a cloud gaming platform that would allow customers to access Xbox Game Pass cloud-based games on more devices in a statement to WindowsCentral . Under the codename Keystone, that device was discovered some time ago.

While Xbox Game Pass cloud games may presently be played on a PC or console, Keystone would make those games available to customers who choose to play on a standalone monitor or TV rather than a full-fledged system. Microsoft said in that statement that the Xbox Keystone still requires some time before being live and that the company is putting the present version of the device on hold as it begins development from new directions.

We are continually assessing our efforts, examining our lessons learned, and making sure we are providing value to our clients as part of any technical journey. We have decided to change course from the Keystone device as it is now configured. We’ll use what we’ve learned to refocus our efforts on a fresh strategy that will enable us to offer Xbox Cloud Gaming to more people in the future.


There are currently a lot of unanswered questions, particularly around the operating system that Xbox’s Keystone will run on and how it will perform in the face of competing streaming devices. We’ll simply have to wait and see what Xbox has in store for the time being.

LUNA ON AMAZON ANNOUNCES JUNE GAME SCHEDULE Since its official US release, Amazon Luna has maintained a very consistent schedule for distributing monthly games among its many channels. The gaming provider has announced the arrival of a few additional titles this month. First, three new games will be added to the Luna Channel:

Samurai Warriors 5

Resident Evil 3 Resident Evil 2

At some time in June, users of the Retro Channel will be able to view Mega Man Legacy Collection. Riptide GP: Renegade will be available on the Family Channel for families and children. You might be astonished to learn that if you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get access to five brand-new free games:

Terminal Cut Beach Buggy Racing 2: Hot Wheels Edition in Far Cry 4 Bloodrayne REMASTERED LUMIES Moving Out We won’t learn the precise release dates for these titles until June, much like with last month’s flurry of releases. For paying and Prime customers, these games are undoubtedly something to look forward to.

ROLLER SKATING IS NOW RETURNING WITH FREE-TO-PLAY ROLLER CHAMPIONS, THANKS TO GEFORCE. The ability to handle free-to-play titles has always set GeForce Now apart from other game streaming platforms. Roller Champions is one of the newer additions; it’s an action-packed, roller derby-style game that probably will revive roller skating.

Utilize passes, tackles, and team movements to defeat opponents and rise up the leaderboard starting with today’s Kickoff Season.
In addition to Roller Champions, GeForce Now is making the following 9 games immediately playable:

Roller Champions ) ) ( Epic Games Store ) and Epic Games Store ) and Epic Games Store ) ( and Epic Games Store ) This week offers several reasons to be enthusiastic. There is probably something thrilling for you, whether you love Crayta and have been anticipating its appearance on Facebook Gaming or Xbox Keystone’s upcoming release.

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