The price of PlayStation Plus has changed, and Sony is now offering new plan tiers that go along with it. Although the higher price really only affects people considering the second and third tiers of plans.

respectively Extra and Premium. If you are in a nation where game streaming is not possible, you can choose Deluxe instead. What precisely is changing, then? And why should you be worried about it? The features that are included with Extra and Premium are the greatest changes with PlayStation Plus, aside from the price. The functions of PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus are being combined by Sony.

Adding some new content that was not previously included with any of them. like in-game tests. The price of the PlayStation Plus Essential tier, which is the most affordable, won’t change or go up.

Advertisement But if you wanted to upgrade, you’d need to be aware of the distinctions so you could choose which one to choose. We also have a tutorial to assist you if you want to learn how to upgrade your plan.


New PlayStation Plus Plans

For each subscriber, the cost will be the same. However, you will also be required to pay an upfront fee of the price difference depending on how much time is remaining on your present subscription if you decide to upgrade to Extra or Premium. If you only intend to pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly and are brand-new to PlayStation Plus, don’t have an active subscription, or yours is about to renew, you will be adhering to the pricing listed below.

Advertisement ESSENTIAL COST PLUS PLAYSTATION $9.99 per month for a single use $24.99 a quarter for use over 3 months $59.99 yearly for 12 months of use Based on the time period you choose, all monthly membership payments will automatically renew.

PLAYSTATION PLUS A DIFFERENT FEE $14.99 per month for a single use $39.99 every three months for use $99.99 per year for 12 months of use Based on the time period you choose, all monthly membership payments will automatically renew.

PRIMARY COST FOR PLAYSTATION PLUS $17.99 per month for a single use $49.99 a quarter for use over 3 months $119.99 per year for 12 months of use Based on the time period you choose, all monthly membership payments will automatically renew.

Advertisement Once more, bear in mind that these costs could change if you decide to upgrade and are required to pay the price difference between your old plan and the new one. Particularly if you still have time remaining on your quarterly or yearly subscriptions. When you go to modify your plan, Sony will let you know how much you must pay up front, as we mentioned in our How To Upgrade piece on PlayStation Plus.

In accordance with the other territories where PlayStation Plus will be offered, we have also broken down the fees for each PlayStation Plus tier. These prices are listed below.

ESSENTIAL Europe UK: 8.99 per month, 24.99 per quarter, and 59.99 per year 6.99 per month, 19.99 per quarter, and 49.99 per year Japan 850 each month; 2,150 per quarter; 5,143 per year EXTRA Europe UK: 13.99 per month; 39.99 per quarter; 99.99 per year 10.99 on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Japan 1,300 every month, 3,600 per quarter, and 8,600 per year PREMIUM Europe Monthly: 16.99; quarterly: 49.99; yearly: 119.99; UK 13.49 each month, 39.99 per quarter, and 99.99 per year Japan 1,550 per month, 4,300 per quarter, and 10,250 per year WHAT KINDS OF BENEFITS ARE GIVEN TO YOU BY EACH PLAN? New PlayStation Plus Games Have Been Confirmed (

New PlayStation Plus Games Confirmed


Advertisement You receive stuff from each plan tier in a somewhat different way. But in reality, you get the same thing from all three plans. Just that you get a little bit extra with each advancement. And while deciding if it’s worthwhile to spend the extra money, you’ll want to take that little bit more into account.

It might not be for some. And that’s totally fine. I personally looked at PlayStation Plus Premium when Sony first unveiled the new plans and thought, “There is no way I’m going to pay $120 a year for this service.” Both the game trials and cloud streaming will never be used by me.

I began to think, though, that it would be wonderful to have things like the trials to test games before I have to pay for them as the debut of these new plans drew near. I could avoid having to request refunds if it helped. You might experience the same emotions afterwards. Perhaps you won’t. Nevertheless, these are the benefits of each plan.

Advertisement THE ESSENTIAL PLAYSTATION PLUS Nothing has changed since the previous iteration of PlayStation Plus. Just like before, you can play free games every month. Additionally, you’ll have access to multiplayer online gaming, special game discounts, and cloud storage for game saves for simple backup and transfer.

The cost of the subscription is also the same whether you pay for it monthly, quarterly, or annually.

XBOX 360 PLUS EXTRA Subscribers to PlayStation Plus Extra will receive all of the aforementioned benefits in addition to access to a library of up to 400 titles that can be downloaded and played on a console. All are covered by the subscription fee. The library will comprise PS4 and PS5 games, some of which are produced by PlayStation Studios, as well as works from third parties.

God Of War , Horizon Zero Dawn, inFAMOUS Second Son, and other titles are a few examples of good advertisements.

ADVANCED PLAYSTATION PLUS Everything from the first two plan tiers is accessible to those who subscribe to Premium. But it also includes the ability to stream a sizable number of games to the cloud, some of which are PS3 games that are exclusively accessible via the cloud gaming store. On top of the 400 games included with the Extra plan, a total of 340 new titles have been added to the games catalog.

Some of these games are PS3 titles that may be streamed online, while others are downloadable PS1 and PS2 classics. Additionally, premium members have access to game trials so they can try out titles before purchasing them.

Advertisement You can find the complete list of games in the games catalog for downloading titles here and the complete list of games in the cloud catalog that you can stream here if you want to learn more about the titles in the games catalog (this list also includes all currently available game trials).

CONVERSION RATES FOR PLAYSTATION PLUS You would be responsible for paying the difference between your current plan and the new plan you upgrade to if you were already a PlayStation Plus user and still had time on your account. What about those who still have unredeemed PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now gift cards?

Since before the release of these new plans, Sony has had a strategy in place for that. Additionally, customers in Asia, Japan, and North America can now use their vouchers because the plans are now operational in these regions. However, you doubtless want to know how much time you have.

People had a small window earlier this year to purchase PlayStation Now cards from a variety of stores in an effort to receive the new PlayStation Plus Premium plan at a discounted price. As it was announced that when the new plans went live, PlayStation Now subscriptions would change to PlayStation Premium subscriptions. People believed that one month would equal one month.

However, it was not the case. Actually, the two plans cannot be converted exactly 1:1. And things could become a little bit muddled. Therefore, we have outlined everything for you below.

One month’s worth of PlayStation Plus Essential is equivalent to 31 days. or provides PlayStation Plus Essential for 31 days to new customers 20 days of PlayStation Plus Extra are converted, whereas 17 days of PlayStation Plus Premium are converted. Converts to 92 days of PlayStation Plus Essential with a 3-MONTH VOUCHER equivalent to 46 days of PlayStation Plus Premium or 58 days of PlayStation Plus Extra Converts to 365 days of PlayStation Plus Essential with a 12-MONTH VOUCHER 183 days of PlayStation Plus Premium are converted to 219 days of PlayStation Plus Extra. RATES OF PLAYSTATION NOW CONVERSION With regard to the PlayStation Now vouchers’ continued redeemability, Sony is essentially doing the same thing. i.e., you won’t fully lose them. The vouchers for PlayStation Now, however, won’t be a 1:1 conversion, exactly like the PlayStation Plus vouchers. Since you aren’t getting 31 days for 31 days, you will lose some of the time you paid for them.

Of course, PlayStation Now gift cards are no longer available and haven’t been since Sony stopped allowing purchases with them earlier this year. However, for users who were able to obtain some before that occurred, here is what you would receive after using those vouchers.

30-DAY VOUCHER for new subscriptions, converts to 21 days of PlayStation Plus Premium 40 days of PlayStation Plus Essential are converted. 25 days of PlayStation Plus Extra are converted. 21 days of PlayStation Plus Premium are converted. 3-MONTH GIFT CARD for new subscriptions, converts to 53 days of PlayStation Plus Premium 105 days of PlayStation Plus Essential are converted. 66 days of PlayStation Plus Extra are converted. 53 days of PlayStation Plus Premium are converted. YEARLY VOUCHER for new subscriptions, converts to 183 days of PlayStation Plus. 365 days of PlayStation Plus Essential are converted. 219 days of PlayStation Plus Extra are converted. 183 days of PlayStation Plus Premium are converted. You can see that conversions offer you roughly half of what you would otherwise obtain. Of course not exactly, but close enough. For instance, if everything was converted exactly 1:1, you would receive a 12-month PlayStation Now voucher in exchange for 365 days of PlayStation Plus Premium. You are receiving 183 instead. This is one day and a half more than a year.

This makes sense given that the annual cost of the PlayStation Plus Premium is $120 and the annual cost of a PlayStation Now coupon was $60 before they were pulled. Sony did this to prevent users from receiving many months of PlayStation Plus Premium without having to pay the fee.

Which is what some people anticipated would occur prior to stacking years’ worth of these vouchers. Since they will need to renew earlier than they had anticipated, those customers will ultimately pay the same amount.

Which strategy should you choose? PlayStation Plus Premium Game Downloads”>

PlayStation Plus Premium Game Downloads

It all sort of relies on what you want to be able to access. Stay with Essential if you like the discounts, the few free games each month, and the online multiplayer. You won’t have to pay any extra, and you’ll continue to receive the same level of service. Nothing more or less is appropriate. There is nothing improper about that.

However, either of the two more expensive solutions may be justified. If you believe that having a sizable selection of games available for free download is valuable, go ahead and pay the extra cash for Extra or Premium. It’s true that by today’s standards, the majority of the games in the catalog wouldn’t be considered new. However, a few games were made available for both the PS4 and PS5.

As a result, you will receive some recently released games. If you choose PlayStation Plus Premium over the other two options, you will also enjoy the nostalgic experience of playing old PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games. Not to mention the choice of movies available for cloud streaming.

However, we believe that the game trials are one area where Premium is definitely worthwhile. You’ll notice that the game trials library is growing as more new games are launched. You may wish to play these games before purchasing them. And as we’ve already noted, if you want to avoid purchasing a game, trying it out, and then asking for a refund if you don’t like it, this can be a terrific advantage. Instead, you can try the game out before deciding whether to invest real money.

FINAL THOUGHTS All three strategies are excellent and provide value. Due mostly to the game trials, we’re beginning to believe that PlayStation Plus Premium offers the best value. Although it would be good if Sony had something else unique it could offer Premium users in addition to this being something that was made available to all levels.

If you possess a PS4 or PS5, PlayStation Plus is a useful service to have. Even if you choose the Essential plan, you will still receive discounts on purchases and 1-2 free games each month.


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