Google’s first-party keyboard now appears to be emphasizing or exposing the emoji-rich sticker packs in the predictive text bar, in addition to an existing Emoji Kitchen function within Gboard.

On our own smartphones, we are starting to see Emoji Kitchen creations within this emoji bar or strip more contextually, building on the contextual stickers that were first noticed back in March. It’s vital to remember that Emoji Kitchen is only a collection of stickers produced by an algorithm. This is a wonderful method to draw attention to the feature when using different Android messaging apps.

Gboard occasionally displays contextual emoji ideas in the predictive text box while you’re typing a message and the Emoji stickers function is activated. You can choose one of these suggestions or copy and paste it into the body of the message. Usually these are the common Unicode characters , but as was already indicated, you might get personalized stickers that are relevant to your chat. Where applicable, consider Happy Birthday or Congratulation. This may be extended with a tap and would show up in the left-most predictive text row.

emoji kitchen gboard predictive text bar
emoji kitchen gboard predictive text bar

When you type particular phrases or even other emoji into the text field of your preferred messaging apps, it appears like Gboard is surfacing Emoji Kitchen creations more frequently. This depends on the exact words you input, and strangely, emoji respond more consistently. The little Emoji Kitchen creation on the rightmost section of the predictive text bar just launches a larger picker where you may select from previously used or original creations developed by Gboard.

This is probably just a more comprehensive version of the contextual sticker suggestions discussed above, paired with the situational Emoji Kitchen proposals, which call for you to fully extend the emoji keyboard. But with more than 15,000 distinct Emoji Kitchen stickers available for use, you might discover some creations you never imagined were possible, which makes them ideal for sharing with your friends and family.

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