According to industry sources, the majority of Taiwan-based power diode manufacturers are attempting to increase their sales for industrial control and automotive applications in order to maintain revenue growth.

In contrast to the tumultuous market conditions experienced in the consumer electronics industry, diode and other power semiconductor shipments, including MOSFET and IGBT chips, have recently stayed stable in the automotive, industrial control, and datacenter sectors, stated the sources.

The sources also stated that as a result, manufacturers in the line, such as Eris Technology, Panjit International, and Taiwan Semiconductor Company (TSC), continue to increase sales from the automotive and industrial sectors.

According to business COO Edgar Chen, Panjit’s automotive and industrial control segment sales as a percentage of overall company revenue have surpassed 40%.

Although the supply and demand for power diodes have lately come close to being in balance, MOSFET and IGBT chip supply still falls short of demand, according to Chen.

Chen noted that in the second half of 2022, 8-inch foundry houses would still need to provide capacity support for manufacturers of power semiconductors.

Panjit’s chief operating officer, Jasper Lee, noted that foundries like Vanguard International Semiconductor (VIS) and Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing (PSMC) have been working hard to shift more of their capacities to support the production of midrange and high-end MOSFETS rather than the previous focus on power management ICs (PMICs).

Since a long time ago, Eris has moved its emphasis to encouraging the sale of high-margin power semiconductors as a share of overall business income.

According to corporate insiders, Eris is combining the manufacturing lines of its factories in Taoyuan and Taipei to increase its capacity and efficiency in order to strengthen its position in the automotive industry.

According to the sources, the integration procedure will enable the company to set up an additional production line for creating products of the future.

According to the sources, TSC’s diode products have reportedly entered the supply chains for electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers in China and the US, leading to strong sales for June and the first half of 2022.

According to the sources, TSC will soon increase sales to the automotive and industrial control sectors to 50 percent of its total revenue.


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