Since Google revealed the Pixel Buds Pro, the conclusion of its three previous sets of earphones, it has been over a month. Active noise cancellation, audio promises, and other features are great, but I can’t resist believing that the Pixel Buds Pro will top the charts with an 11-hour battery life.

A LOT IS BRINGED TO THE TABLE BY PIXEL BUDS PRO. Let’s start by taking a broad view of the Pixel Buds Pro and all that they have to offer. These earbuds are loaded all around, and their $199 price tag includes support for important functions.

The 11mm drivers, active noise cancellation, transparency mode support, and active in-ear pressure reduction are all included with the earbuds. I particularly like that final part because I detest the plugged-in feeling that most in-ear buds give off. I was a big fan of the vent in the Pixel Buds and A-Series for this precise reason—it was simply more comfy than anything else.

The A-Series loses some of the flagship features that the Pixel Buds Pro bring back. Swipes for volume are brought back to touch controls, and the charging case resumes wireless charging.

The entire package looks fantastic on paper, but battery life is the one thing I can’t stop worrying about.

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The earphones will only function for that long on a single charge, according to Google claims . To continue, there is no dropping it back into the case. The Pixel Buds Pro’s battery life exceeds that of a typical workday, which is truly amazing.

Up to 11 hours of earbud listening time and up to 31 hours of overall listening time with the charging case with Active Noise Cancellation off.

Naturally, when ANC is activated, that number decreases, but seven hours with the function activated is still astounding to witness.
What about the rest of the market? Here are some of Google’s main competitors:

As you can see, nothing on that list exceeds the 10-hour mark, with Sony’s latest LinkBuds S coming the closest at nine hours with ANC disabled. The Pixel Buds Pro are the first earbuds to enter the market today, but they are also forging new ground there.

The final set of earbuds to reach this total were Galaxy Buds. The Galaxy Buds, the first completely wireless earbuds that pushed battery life to its maximum, are introduced by Samsung in 2020. With an additional full charge stored in the case, Galaxy Buds can run for up to an additional 11 hours on their own battery. At the time, it was a tremendous accomplishment that cemented their popularity.

Midway through 2020, we stated that the Galaxy Buds were still among the best earbuds available, in part because to their long-lasting batteries.

The most noticeable feature of Samsung’s earbuds is their improbable long battery life. The earbuds can last 11 hours on their own and have an additional 11 hours of battery life stored in the carrying case. The Galaxy Buds are wonderful because you’ll never experience battery anxiety. The vast majority of users won’t ever use their earbuds for more than even 4 hours at a time.

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Furthermore, although battery life has actually become less of a priority in more recent earbud models, Galaxy Buds are still your best option if it is extremely important to you. However, Samsung did stop producing that model in 2021.

How did Samsung manage to do it? For one thing, active noise cancellation and transparency settings weren’t really a thing in earphones back then. But more significantly, Samsung used a unique chip to enable everything be optimized for longer durability.

Ironically enough, it appears that Google is achieving the same total with the battery life of the Pixel Buds Pro. Google has created a bespoke processor to help give the best experience on Pixel Buds Pro, from the audio to the battery, thanks to some rigorous talent hiring over the previous couple of years.

Of course, we’ll have to wait till Pixel Buds Pro are really available to evaluate them. After all, Google’s earbuds have a checkered past. In July, Pixel Buds Pro go on sale.

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