Nord is the moniker that OnePlus is establishing for itself in the mid-range device market. We’re all getting ready for the company’s Nord 3 series of gadgets, which also contains a ton of accessories. The Nord 3 phones will reportedly include a wide range of accessories.

At this time, there aren’t many details available about the new Nord phones. The typical updates, such as a better processor and an improved design, are to be anticipated. However, we should also anticipate that features like display resolution and technology will mostly not change. The OnePlus Nord 3 will be reasonably priced while offering an excellent experience, making it comparable to a luxury mid-ranger.

BUT ENOUGH WITH THE NORD 3, LET’S DISCUSS THE ASSORTS. A list of the expected accessories for this future phone was posted by Mukul Sharma in an tweet . The excellent list demonstrates the company’s commitment to advancing its Nord line of products.

Advertisement The tweet claims that the Nord 3 will include a smartwatch, a fitness band, a pair of Nord Buds, a smart measuring scale, and other accessories. This is another confirmation for the impending Nord smartwatch that we recently learned about. This will be for those who are more concerned about their health, according to the band.

The list also made mention of the upcoming Nord Buds, which could be a complement to the company’s recently released Nord Earphones. But these will be more expensive.

The intelligent measuring scale is the final spoiler. It has the same audio as one of the connected scales that speaks your weight and records it over time. In essence, if someone wants to take care of their health, they can get a smart scale, a fitness band, and a set of earbuds for working out.

Advertisement There are even more peripherals that we should anticipate, since the tweet ends with the words and more. As the official release date of the Nord 3 approaches, more details on these attachments should become available.


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