Clubhouse has undoubtedly experienced better times. In 2020 and 2021, the company was the buzz of the town, but circumstances had unquestionably changed. The company offers a fresh concept to help prevent these losses. Your community can be divided up into Houses by using Clubhouse.

Live audio rooms where you may tune in and listen to discussions are an intriguing concept that Clubhouse introduced to the market. Everything appeared to be going well for the business until Twitter and Facebook learned about the site. They created their own acoustic chambers as soon as they swooped in like vultures on the concept.

This probably contributed greatly to Clubhouse’s difficulties. Clubhouse was only downloaded 4.6 million times in the first half of 2022, according to Sensor Tower (via The Verge ). From 29.4 million in the first half of 2021, that number has decreased.

Advertisement CHANGING THIS IS WHAT CLUBHOUSE WANT TO DO BY ADDING HOUSES Clubhouse has a fresh idea to make it easier for individuals to access stuff that interests them in an effort to slow the collapse. The business developed a brand-new function called Houses.

Before, there was a sea of rooms you could join when you opened the Clubhouse app. It would be similar to swiping through TikToks to do so. You would just see a haphazard collection of rooms.

With Houses, the Clubhouse won’t be as haphazard. You can register to be a beta tester for this feature, which is currently being tested. People will separate into groupings that are known as Houses. The group members will choose the rooms they want to be in within these dwellings.

Advertisement As a result, a group of space fans can choose rooms related to space, and a group interested in fashion can choose rooms related to fashion. Theoretically, each House will have an own personality. As time goes on, like-minded individuals will locate and expand their Clubhouse Houses.

Paul Davidson, the company’s CEO, puts a lot of confidence in this. By doing so, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with others who share your interests.

THERE IS A PROCESS FOR APPROVAL Just be aware that there is a procedure for approval if you are interested in designing your own space. Your House application will be reviewed by the firm to determine whether it is fit for the platform. As a result, if you wish to create a group, you should be careful to avoid utilizing any themes that are inappropriate for Clubhouse.

Advertisement We don’t yet know when the public will be able to access this change. When this feature is about to go live, we should anticipate hearing from the CEO.


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