After a very drawn-out reveal last month, the June 2022 will bring seven games for Stadia Pro announcement came later than normal. That is the same as the February high for 2022.

Update 6/1: Stadia Pro customers can now access the June 2022 games Deliver Us The Moon , Lake , Deathrun TV , Through the Darkest of Times , Golf with Your Friends , TOHU , and Ben 10: Power Trip .

All of the titles will be available for the $9.99 per month membership starting on Wednesday, June 1, with the delayed Deliver Us the Moon ($24.99):

In a dystopian near future where Earth’s natural resources are exhausted, a science fiction thriller is set. An important mission to save humanity from extinction sends a lone astronaut to the moon.

Lake ($19.99), Deathrun TV ($14.99), and Through the Darkest of Times ($14.99) are three further new Stadia games.

Meredith Weiss, who takes a vacation from her profession in the large city to carry mail in her birthplace, invites you to escape to a lovely, rural setting without cellphones and the internet. You’ll have to decide whether to stay in the town you grew up in or return to the rigorous city job in an independent, open-world adventure game where your decisions count.

Assuming you can survive, experience real-time lightning-fast speed and bullet-dodging action as you compete for glory. A quick, intense, rogue-lite twin-stick shooter set in the biggest, wildest game show in the world, where only likes truly matter.

Organize a clandestine resistance movement in Berlin in 1933. Your objective is to inflict minor blows on Hitler’s Third Reich rule by distributing pamphlets, scrawling messages on walls, sabotaging, gathering intelligence, and enlisting more supporters. Additionally, you must maintain your cover at all times because if the regime’s security forces find out about your group, every member’s life is in great risk.

Golf with Your Friends ( $19.99 ), TOHU ( will bring 0), and Ben 10: Power Trip are currently available games that will be released tomorrow ( will bring 1 ).

The Falconeer: Warrior Edition, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III, PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay, Blue Fire, Foreclosed, and TRANSFORMERS: BATTLEGROUNDS are the six titles that are now available for Stadia Pro claim by potential subscribers.

The current total, after the additions and deletions, is 52 titles:

Wave Break, HITMAN, and Darksiders Genesis The entire debut season, Rpublique, PHOGS!, Cake Bash Kill every human! to the very end Travel to the Wild Planet, Typewriter Epistory Chronicles, Risky’s Revenge, Shantae: Directors Cut Raiders of PixelJunk, It sprung from space and devoured our brains. Kaze and the Wild Masks, Terraria Assassin Queen Black, Chronicles of Nanotale Typing, OUTRIDERS, The novels The Darkside Detective and The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark Career of a Dungeon Manager in Legend of Keepers Simulator for 100 Days of Winemaking, Bloodstained: The Night Ritual, Monstrum Nox, Ys IX PAW Patrol, Control Ultimate Edition, and GRIME Adventure City Calls, the film Dragons: Dawn of New Riders from DreamWorks game ARK: Survival Evolved, Darksiders III, Mereks Market, Darkwood Good day, Engineer Re-elected, Saints Row IV Chicken Police, Wreckfest, and Wavetale Make it RED! With one hand, clap Race against Ryan Road Trip Deluxe Edition, Dawn of the Monsters, Adam Wolfe, and City Legends World War Z: Aftermath, The Curse of the Crimson Shadow CE, and Cities: Skylines Stadia Edition of Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles Deathrun TV, Deliver Us the Moon, and Lake Even in the most dire circumstances, Ben 10: Power Trip, TOHU, and Golf with Your Friends

At midnight PT, the newest Pro titles go live. To claim the Stadia Pro June 2022 games, go to the Store on Android, iOS, or the web. They will enter the Pro games carousel, or you may look for the listing manually.

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