Google today unveiled the first three games that Stadia Pro subscribers will have access to starting in May 2022 after a somewhat drawn-out launch. The upcoming days will see the announcement of more titles.

Update 5/18: Cities: Skylines ( $39.99 ) is the fifth Stadia Pro game this month.

Skylines of cities With Stadia Edition, you take control of a developing city, from the construction of its first streets to the constantly shifting requirements of thousands of residents. Design, construct, and administer the city of your dreams, including civic policies and public services, and test your ability to transform a sleepy village into a thriving metropolis.

Update 5/1: Stadia Pro customers can now access the May 2022 games Kaze and the Wild Masks , Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles , Outriders , and PAW Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Calls .

Update 4/26: The fourth Stadia Pro game for May 2022 is Kaze and the Wild Masks ( $29.99 ).

You explore the Crystal Islands in Kaze and the Wild Masks in the style of a platformer from the early 1990s. Play as Kaze and defend your pal Hogo against a curse that caused havoc to erupt across the islands. Use the Wild Masks’ abilities to combat angry living veggies. Sprint ferociously like a lizard, pounce viciously like a tiger, soar through the air like an eagle, and command the water like a shark.

The following titles that can be claimed will exit Pro on April 30.
Life is Strange Remastered, Life is Strange Before The Storm Remastered, Floor Kids, Kemono Heroes, and Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Beginning with Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles ($19.99), which was first announced for the platform last month, the first three games will be available to users of the $9.99 per month plan on Sunday, May 1.

Through this stunning 3D puzzle platformer with vibrant graphics and wacky characters, hop, think, and possess your way through. Play as the squishy bioluminescent creature Lumote, who is on a mission to depose the Mastermote. Take command of the residents to solve a world’s puzzles.

Outriders ( $59.99 ), a 1-3 person cooperative RPG shooter, and PAW Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Calls ( $39.99 ) are also available.

You will build your own Outrider and set off on a trek across the harsh world as humanity perishes in the trenches of Enoch.

OUTRIDERS, from one of the best shooter developers in the business, People Can Fly, offers numerous hours of action by fusing intense gunplay with deadly powers, an arsenal of progressively twisted weaponry, and gear sets.

greater adventure in a major metropolis! The PAW Patrol must defend Adventure City from Mayor Humdinger’s self-serving schemes when they discover he has gained control of a bustling city. And Team PAWsome needs YOU to be awesome! So let’s head to Adventure City. Use your special skills in high-steak rescue missions as the pups Chase, Skye, and streetwise Liberty. Explore the city with cutting-edge tools and vehicles. Enjoy Pup Pup Boogie and the other minigames. In this enjoyable 3D platformer, you may play alone or with a friend on the couch. Are you willing to join the PAW Patrol pups on their most daring assignment yet? They are heroes at birth.

While we wait for the delayed Deliver Us The Moon, we don’t yet sure which claimable games will end on April 30. Curiously, this first wave was not described to newspapers but rather was included in the $39.99 0 post for today.

The following titles have been added, bringing the total to 51:

Break the Wave, HITMAN The entire debut season, Rpublique, Cake Party, Kill every human! Travel to the Wild Planet, Typewriter Epistory Chronicles, Raiders of PixelJunk, It sprung from space and devoured our brains. Killer Queen Black, Terraria, Trails of Cold Steel III: The Legend of Heroes, The Darkside Investigator Career of a Dungeon Manager in Legend of Keepers Simulator for 100 Days of Winemaking, Control Ultimate Edition, Blue Fire CRIME, REOPENED, Mighty Pups of PAW Patrol Save Adventure Bay, To the End, ARK: Survival Evolved the Warrior Edition of The Falconeer Good day, Engineer Re-elected, Saints Row IV Wavetale, BATTLEGROUNDS, TRANSFORMERS Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, Bloodstained, Wreckfest, Darksiders 3, A Slip in the Dark, Darkside Detective Dragons: Dawn of the New Riders, a DreamWorks film Chronicles of Nanotale Typing, One Hand Clapping, PHOGS!, Mereks Market the Road Trip Deluxe Edition of Race with Ryan Darkwood, Darksiders Genesis, Dawn of the Monsters, Adam Wolfe World War Z: Repercussions, City Legends: The Crimson Shadow’s Curse Monstrum Nox, Ys IX Chicken Control To make it RED, the Wild Masks, Kaze Skylines of cities

At midnight PT, the newest Pro titles go live. To claim the Stadia Pro May 2022 games, go to the Store on Android, iOS, or the web. They will enter the Pro games carousel, or you may look for the listing manually.

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