Elon Musk intends to fire 3,700 Twitter employees, which would represent around half of the company’s employment, according to a story on Bloomberg on November 2. The sources claim that Musk would eliminate Twitter’s “work anywhere” policy, which may add insult to injury by requiring the surviving employees to resume their job in the office.

The sources go on to say that there are currently no specific layoff plans in place but that other potential layoff situations are being investigated. One possibility is that the laid-off workers, who are apparently going to find out their fate on Friday, will receive 60 days of pay as severance. Additionally, according to Bloomberg, a small number of Twitter workers have already been let go. The remaining leaders now have the challenging task of determining which team members can be let go.

Senior Tesla executives are rumored to have collaborated with Twitter managers to examine which staff will be let go, with part of the criteria for such choices reportedly including things like how much code a person produced while working for Twitter. The decision is ultimately described as a cost-saving measure that will eliminate redundant positions and aid the corporation in its uphill quest to turn a profit, which it has sporadically attained (via The New York Times ).


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