A movie on the ups and downs of this Canadian phone company is currently under production, according to BlackBerry.

In the past ten years or so, BlackBerry dominated both the global and American phone markets. It may control 40% of the US market and 10% of all markets worldwide. However, BlackBerry is now a forgotten brand and is hardly mentioned. The business is now making a comeback, but this time with a movie rather than a smartphone.

Variety reports that this movie’s Canadian production is complete, but it’s unclear when it will be released. Additionally, the BlackBerry movie’s streaming service is yet unknown.

Advertisement A BLACKBERRY MOVIE IS ONE WAY TO DRIVE HOME THE COMPANY’S VOLATILE HISTORY. According to the article, the movie first shows the growth of BlackBerry in the early 2000s, when it dominated the phone industry. The story of the company’s demise in the middle of the 2010s is then told. In less than ten years, the BlackBerry brand has completely disappeared from the market, and every company that tried to bring it back to life has failed.

The main characters of the film, Glenn Howerton and Jay Baruchel, will describe the ascent and decline of Blackberry. Howerton from Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Baruchel from his roles in comedies may be familiar to you. Likely portraying BlackBerry co-founders Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie are Howerton and Baruchel. Of course, nothing has been verified as of yet.

BlackBerry sold 90 of its most important smartphone patents to Huawei after TCL and OnwardMobility failed to renew the BlackBerry brand. According to estimates, BlackBerry’s patent portfolio has more than 38,000 patents with a combined value of $450 million. Early in 2022, OnwardMobility formally renounced its intentions to introduce a 5G BlackBerry phone, driving the final nail in BlackBerry’s coffin.


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