As long as you buy the correct band—and these are some of the nicest bands we could find—Galaxy Samsung’s Watch 5 Pro is a wonderful fit for anyone. It may be marketed for sports enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts. While others are just a stylish option for regular wear, some play into the more rugged image. Since they must be 20mm wide to accommodate the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, all of the bands are 20mm wide.

To be clear, if you don’t need or desire the Pro model’s extra capabilities, we still advise getting the standard Galaxy Watch 5. like the stronger display, titanium case, and longer-lasting battery. The new route workouts option is also present in the Pro. But if you think all of those things are fantastic, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro might be a better option. Additionally, the band does not necessarily need to be more durable just because it is designed to be. not constantly, at least.

In order to provide a combination of more rugged and sporty options, we’ve put together a list of the finest bands for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Additionally, there are those that are more appropriate for daily wear. After all, this is a watch, so why not accessorize? Right?

Advertisement THE GALAXY WATCH 5 PRO’S BEST BANDS A list of the top watch bands for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro can be found below. complete with costs and links to each band’s online store. Below the overview, in a small set of specifics, you can discover more information if you’d like.

Band Price Where To Purchase Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with Classic Sport Band The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Hybrid Fabric Band Camo costs $39.99. $19.99 Amazon Barton Canvas Quick Release Band $18.40 Amazon Ritche Silicone Watch Band $19.99 Amazon Kartice No Gap Metal Link Band $39.99 Samsung Spigen Rugged Armor Pro Band $22.99 Amazon Moolia Quick Release Double Tour Leather Strap, $23.88 Amazon Spigen Rugged Band Galaxy Watch 4/Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Sport Band $18.99 Amazon Barton Leather Quick Release Band $28.99 Amazon Samsung Classic Sport Band”>

Samsung Classic Sport Band

Price: $39.99 Availability: Samsung The Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic initially came with Samsung’s standard sport band. Basically, it is the same band that Samsung introduced along with the new Galaxy Watch 5. However, this one has a lot more color possibilities, giving you more personalization options.

Advertisement The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has a 20mm band, therefore other 20mm bands can be used with it. So, this ought to work well. Additionally, it is available in small/medium and medium/large sizes. it is just the band’s length adjustment for wrists of different sizes.

Despite the fact that we haven’t tried this band with the watch, we have tried the Ridge Sport band that came with our Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, and it works perfectly. Thus, these ought to work as well.

Samsung 0


Samsung Hybrid Fabric Band


Price: $39.99 Samsung Where To Buy The Hybrid Fabric band above is suitable with watches that take 20mm bands, just like the Sport band above. There are two colors with a camouflage print that are available, and it is also available in small/medium and medium/large sizes. Green and Gray.

This is not a terrible pick if you enjoy camouflage.
Announcement Samsung 1

SPIGEN PRO BAND RUGGED ARMOR Spigen Rugged Armor Pro, img4


Price: $19.99 Availability: Amazon This is on our list for the Galaxy Watch 5, and we firmly believe it belongs here as well. One is that it is also compatible with the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Keeping the Pro model even more protected than it already is is also not a problem.

Advertisement It has a flexible silicone athletic band with an adjustable metal buckle and is available in two distinct colors. Additionally, it is compatible with the heart rate and body composition measurement functions of the BIA. One of the greatest bands for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is unquestionably this one. especially if you want to embrace the watch’s overall rough aesthetic.

Samsung 2

Barton Canvas Quick Release

Price of the advertisement: $18.40 Amazon Where To Buy Because it feels soft and pleasant against the skin and comes in a wide range of colors, the canvas band is one of our favorites for any watch. Because of this, styling the band with particular clothing is simple, increasing the versatility of the looks. Additionally, canvas is fairly robust, and the band can be cleaned by machine if necessary. That alone is a compelling argument to favor this band over some of the competition.

Samsung 3
Riche Silicone Band

Ritche Silicone Band

” alt=”Ritche Silicone Band”

Cost of the advertisement: $19.99 Amazon Where To Buy This band by Ritche is an excellent choice if you like the concept of a silicone athletic band but just want a wider range of colors. It comes in a respectable number of colors and has a cool diamond pattern on the band.

Additionally, the loop features a wonderful locking mechanism to keep your strap in place. which, while not fully necessary, is nevertheless a great feature to have. Additionally, the price of $19.99 isn’t too bad.

Samsung 4

Kartice No Gap Metal Link Band

” title=”Kartice No Gap Metal Link Band” alt=”Kartice No Gap Metal Link Band”

Price: $23.88 Amazon Where To Buy In search of a metal link band? Look nowhere else. This Kartice no gap metal link band fits quite well. Although the Black watch would definitely look better with this. Despite having a silver band available, Kartice does not have one that complements the gray titanium of the watch case. This is a good option for either color of the watch if the colors don’t annoy you. But compared to either hue combined with the titanium grey, black on black will unquestionably appear superior.

Still, if you want something a little more flashy than silicone or canvas, this is one of the best bands for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Samsung 5

Spigen Rugged Band

” alt=”Spigen Rugged Band”>SPIGEN RUGGED BAND

Price: $22.99 Amazon Where To Buy If you enjoy the Spigen Rugged Armor Pro but don’t want or require the protective casing that fits around the watch case itself, you should choose this band. It can suit wrists that range in size from 130mm to 190mm. As a result, the size range is quite broad. Along with these amazing carbon fiber elements, it also has a matte finish that should help minimize the amount of apparent fingerprints.

The strap loop has a similar locking mechanism to the Ritche band mentioned above.
Samsung 6

Moolia Double Tour Leather Band


Price: $18.99 Amazon Where To Buy Undoubtedly, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is made to be more durable. However, this does not imply that the watch must constantly resemble one. The Moolia Double Tour Leather band with a quick release fastening gives the watch a little bit of flair for everyday wear. It is available in a variety of designs and hues as well. You also have choices for beige, black, brown, gray, leopard, light brown, and rose pink in addition to this pink flower pattern.

Those searching for something more on the trendy side of things should definitely consider this.
Samsung 7


Samsung Classic Sport Band


” alt=””

Price: $28.99 Amazon Where To Buy The Bartone Leather Quick Release band completes this list. This has consistently shown in all of our watch band buying guides. And with good cause. There are many different sizes and colors available, as well as real leather of excellent quality.

This band is more for fashion than athletic wear, similar to the Moolia band mentioned above. It is therefore ideal for wearing the remainder of the day instead of the magnetic d-buckle that comes with the watch once you have finished exercising.

Samsung 8


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