The Beats PowerBeats Pro is once again on sale at Amazon. You can get it for for $179.95, saving you $70 off the list price. The PowerBeats Pro is now available for the lowest price ever.

Not all shades are discounted. The other hues are all $179.95 or less, while the Cloud Pink is still being sold at its original price of $249.95.

The most recent set of completely wireless headphones from Apple are the Powerbeats Pro. These Beats headphones are manufactured by Apple, yet they are compatible with Android and essentially all Bluetooth-enabled devices. This implies that you can still easily pair them with your Pixel 6 Pro.

Advertisement Since the Powerbeats Pro are larger truly wireless headphones, you’ll enjoy higher music quality and longer battery life from them. These do wrap around your ears like the original Powerbeats do. Consequently, it is simpler for them to remain in your ears. That’s unquestionably a positive thing, especially if you want to use these headphones while running.

Let’s now discuss the Powerbeats Pro’s battery life. There will be 9 hours of nonstop replay. And that is really insane. The average lifespan of true wireless headphones is six. That’s extremely impressive, then. Up to 24 hours of playing are possible using the carrying case that is included. Not bad at all, and that will continue for a few longer runs—which is what we are all currently undertaking while under quarantine.

This audio is of decent quality as well. Before a few years ago, Beats was renowned for its loud bass, but that has since changed. Although the mids and highs are not completely drowned out by the bass, you still get some extremely strong bass with these headphones.

Advertisement The Powerbeats Pro are available at Amazon today for just $179 . Now keep in mind that this Powerbeats Pro price is only temporary.

Powerbeats Pro – Amazon


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