No matter how your home entertainment system is set up, NVIDIA’s most recent SHIELD Experience upgrade, version 9.1, has been made available for SHIELD TV devices that qualify. It includes a number of improvements that make gaming better.

The new automated gaming mode is NVIDIA SHIELD Experience 9.1’s biggest improvement. By preserving on-screen frames, this decreased latency setting, together with the built-in gaming mode on many contemporary smart TVs, can give you a significant competitive advantage. When playing at 60 frames per second, this can save 10 entire frames, which could make a huge difference in competitive games.

You won’t just notice a difference when playing games; NVIDIA SHIELD Experience 9.1 also enables automatic game mode for video calling services like Google Duo or Zoom, which makes conversations flow more smoothly and eliminates awkward call lag and the frustration of having to repeat yourself when something goes wrong.

With the most recent version, SHIELD TV devices now control your TV display mode settings to convert to Game or Gaming modes without you having to manually change the settings. This saves time and ensures that, regardless of the games you’re playing—and this includes Android games and emulators on GeForce NOW as well as on competing cloud gaming or game streaming services—you’ll have the greatest experience possible thanks to your SHIELD TV set-top box.

You are allowed to set this preference for each individual app. Owners of NVIDIA Shield TVs can modify the automated gaming mode as they see fit, ensuring that websites like Netflix and YouTube function as they should.

nvidia shield experience 9.1

Your living room may very well become your new home for authentic, high-end PC gaming if you combine NVIDIA SHIELD Experience 9.1 with all the advantages of GeForce NOW, including RTX 3080-powered cloud gaming at 1440p with silky 120fps refresh rates, 4K HDR, and even Dolby 7.1 surround sound. With good reason too, since NVIDIA GeForce NOW offers over 1,200 games, 100 of which are among the biggest and most well-liked free-to-play games. This constantly growing list demonstrates the capabilities of high-end PCs wherever you want to play. It’s possible to use a TV, desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

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