Today might be your fortunate day if you’re looking to purchase a PlayStation 5 from A group of emails encouraging certain clients to purchase the console has just been sent out by the business.

The invitations are a part of Amazon’s brand-new US waiting system for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The business first offered it back in June to assist customers in obtaining high-demand, limited-supply products that can draw bots and scalpers.

All clients are welcome to use the invite system, which is free. Simply visit Amazon’s listing (Opens in a new window) to purchase a PS5 and click the button to seek an invitation. Once it restocks, the business will let you know if you’ve been chosen to purchase a unit.

PlayStation 5 disc edition $499 (Opens in a new window)
PlayStation 5 Horizon Forbidden West bundle $549 (Opens in a new window)

To consumers who had already sought an invite, Amazon sent out a fresh set of invitations on Monday. This was confirmed (Opens in a new window) via the company’s Twitter account for Amazon Video Games. In order to determine whether they have received an email from Amazon, eligible consumers should check their email inboxes, including their spam folders.

Tweet (Opens in a new window) The Xbox Series X was still listed as in stock (Opens in a new window) on Walmart on the same day, but Amazon also handed out invitations to those who were waiting to purchase one. People have 72 hours to make their purchases, regardless of the console.


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Getting Room-Scanning and Live-Streaming Modes for PlayStation VR 2
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However, it doesn’t seem like the invitation process is first come, first served. When the PS5 first came out in early June, we asked for an invite to purchase one but have not yet received one. Though they only recently signed up for them, reported (Opens in a new window) is already receiving invites from other people on social media. Thus, it is likely that Amazon is dispersing the invitations similarly to a lottery.

Nearly two years after its initial release, Sony’s PlayStation 5 is still difficult to purchase. But if you work hard enough, you can still get one. This can involve checking the product inventory online or keeping up with social media PS5 restock trackers. For further details, look at our advice.

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