Many users of the popular password management service LastPass put their security in its capable hands. However, the business acknowledged that a recent security incident occurred. The source code for LastPass was taken by a malicious actor during the hack.

Hearing that the firm handling your passwords was hacked is not really a good thing. It’s like finding out your life’s savings were stolen from the bank. Karim Toubba, the company’s CEO, sent a summary of what transpired in an letter to all of the company’s clients.

A DEVELOPER ACCOUNT WAS USED TO HACK LASTPASS The business made some intriguing arguments in the letter to its clients. About two weeks had passed since the break. As a result, LastPass hired a top cybersecurity and forensics company to assist with the clean-up. But we don’t know which company.

Advertisement It appears that a malicious actor gained access to LastPass by using a stolen developer account. They supposedly had some high-level access to the company’s files because they were a developer. Therefore, it makes plausible that the attacker was able to access the system with that account.

DO YOU NEED TO WORRY? Based on the letter, Toubba told its subscribers that the attacker had successfully obtained some of the company’s source code as well as certain confidential technical data. While not ideal, Toubba stated that the business does not anticipate that any user data was taken.

Despite what the letter claims, the investigation is still ongoing. You should keep an eye on events because the corporation may still be gathering information about the attack at this point. Keep an eye out for any additional company updates. Even if the letter makes no mention of user data being taken, it could be a good idea to update your LastPass account login details.


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