The IFA (International Funkausstellung Berlin) exhibition is a well-known occasion that takes place every year in Germany from September 2 to 6. IFA provides the finest venue for franchises to display their newest, most popular, or newly launched products. This year’s IFA in Berlin marks Viomi’s first time exhibiting their products there. The good news is that they will be bringing their ground-breaking robot vacuum cleaner, Viomi Cyber Pro , so that customers can interact with it live while also viewing a variety of other new and trendy products.


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Without a doubt, Viomi improves the quality of life. When it comes to house smart home equipment, Viomi has actually given consumers the ability to control their homes at their fingertips, reshaping the perception of smart homes.

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You are invited to visit Viomi’s IFA showroom to engage directly with smart home gadgets. In order to give its clients the best value possible, Viomi has brought its best items, from recent launches to hot sales, to the IFA expo for the first time.

Speaking of what to expect, Viomi is allowing you to engage live with their refrigerators, washing machines, robot vacuums, and mop.
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HIGH-END 3-IN-1 CORDLESS WET-DRY VACUUM CLEANER VIOMI CYBER PRO You may be familiar with a wide range of vacuum cleaners, including cordless, dry and wet, automated, and the best manual models, but we bet you haven’t seen anything like an Viomi Cyber Pro .

The Cyber Pro mop vacuum combo is unique in its class and is brimming with top-notch features and top performance. It has every characteristic a holistic house requires. This vacuum claims to be capable of everything, including effective cleaning, energy conservation, thoughtful design, no maintenance, and tough on tough stains.

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You did really hear correctly. Your cleaning experience will be revolutionized by Cyber Pro thanks to its all-sounder functionality. According to the news, you can use it anyplace!

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Advertisement 1. Improved Edge Design: Its revolutionary brush edge design completely removes the stains without leaving behind edges and corners that are difficult to reach with traditional vacuums. It also leaves no blind spots.

2. Spot Cleaning Spray: Cyber Pro has an external nozzle attached at the front for one-click spraying, as opposed to manually spraying and soaking stubborn spots. It enables you to spray stubborn and old stains as you clean for better disintegration.

3. Air-drying and self-cleaning Simple upkeep: If you aren’t scrubbing the floors, you shouldn’t be replacing the vacuum wheels later. The Cyber Pro robotic vacuum takes care of everything. Press the cleaning button after docking the vacuum in its stand. The mop is dried and cleaned automatically by the machine.

Advertisement 4. Eco-friendly cleaning Viomi favors a wholistic way of life. Cyber Pro eliminates the need for chemical cleaning, sterilization, and disinfection in your house. You can create electrolyzed water with just one button press prior to beginning your cleaning.

5. 3-in-1 Intelligent Cleaning, Vacuuming, and Sensor-Detection: Cyber Pro can automatically change the suction force and water volume since it can intelligently identify floor issues in real-time. It reduces the number of water changes and uses less energy while increasing the consistency and efficacy of cleaning.

6. Multiple Cleaning Modes : Speaking of robotic vacuums, its several cleaning modes are our absolute favorite. In addition to the standard modes, it has an absorption mode and electrolyzed water modes. In case of a water emergency, you can use it in areas like the kitchen for deep cleaning.

Advertisement CYBER PRO BRING AN ERA OF MINDFUL FUNCTIONALITY; Viomi provides the highest performance in addition to high-end functionality, with functional elements that help with improved cleaning and maintenance, ease of use, and little to no effort.


A holistic approach to smart home appliances is taken by the Cyber Pro robot vacuum and mop, which has improved technological and design features that promote productivity without compromising your wellbeing.

Commercial Battery

With a 4000mAh greater capacity battery, you can recharge the vacuum up to 200 times. Speaking of time, you can clean for 35 uninterrupted minutes. Additionally, it will automatically adjust the suction power if you have the sensor-detection settings enabled in order to prevent repetitive setting changes. By identifying the sort of mess on the surface, it aids in battery conservation.


A 745ml dual clean-and-dirty water tank in the Cyber Pro makes it easier to continually and effectively clean larger surfaces. Additionally, since its water-level sensors alert you to refill the clean water tank, you won’t have to worry about it overflowing.

Viomi IFA 2022 picture 4,

Viomi IFA 2022 image 4


The various controls are what we adore the most about it. You can use an app or voice command to remotely change the settings by connecting to your smart home devices. Additionally, it has a handy LED screen for controls.

You get the opportunity to see and test out this incredible robotic vacuum cleaner in person by visiting the Viomi showroom at an IFA event taking place in Berlin. You may have been seeking for something like this the entire time!

Additionally, since Viomi makes things happen, you may learn more about what a cutting-edge smart home is.


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