Just in time for the previous update to start spreading more broadly, Google is releasing an upgrade for Android Auto with version number 7.9.

WHAT’S NEW IN ANDROID AUTO 7.9, WHICH IS NOW ROLLING OUT? Google has recently begun delivering Android Auto 7.9 to customers who have downloaded the app’s public beta. Version 7.9 may be available to those signed up through the Play Store, but not everyone has access to it.

Sadly, Google rarely provides much information about what has been added to a particular Android Auto version. We just don’t know what’s new in Android Auto 7.9 yet, and there aren’t any telltale indicators in the background either.

However, we may infer that this release is still fixing known difficulties with Android Auto, such as those with the Galaxy S22 series. Even if the Coolwalk revamp was not yet available with 7.9, work is undoubtedly still being done on it. It was officially announced during I/O.

However, Android Auto 7.8 is now accessible to more users. More customers on the stable update track are reporting that Android Auto 7.8 is now available for their smartphones, just as Google delivered Android Auto 7.9 to its beta testers.

Since there is no published changelog or instantly noticeable changes after installation, it is unclear exactly what Google addressed with the 7.8 version, similar to this most recent upgrade.

Google was running tests while the update’s beta version was released in relation to the setup procedure. Some people who installed 7.8 got a notification urging them to restart the setup process in their cars. The function that test served is still unclear.

Undoubtedly, there is a crucial point to remember regarding Android Auto app updates. Usually, everyone receives these updates at vastly different times.

Even though 7.8 seems to be spreading very quickly right now, many users will still be able to get Android Auto 7.7, which is the most recent version, from the Google Play Store, as is the case on one of our own devices. However, this does not interfere with Android Auto’s ability to operate correctly.

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