The two new colors, Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red, may only be applied in Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany, if Musk’s tweet is to be believed. It appears that the paint selections are so complicated that only the factory can use them. According to Tesla, the colors are currently exclusively offered in Europe and the Middle East.

The new color possibilities, according to a series of tweets, are made up of 13 layers of pigmented metallic paint that vary in hue and color based on how you see the vehicle. According to Musk, the new paint schemes are so sophisticated and intricate that only the paint shop at the Berlin Gigafactory can properly apply the paint.

Giving buyers more options when choosing features for a new car is never a bad idea. But given the production times of Tesla’s production fiascos in the past, one can only speculate about how much time these new colors will add to a new Tesla. Tesla has not yet stated whether or not the additional color options will be sold in the United States or what their price points would be.


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