Gmail will launch a trial program to exempt political campaign emails from the spam filter after receiving approval from the US Federal Election Commission in August.

According to today’s statement from Google to Axios , the company “expects to begin the trial with a small number of campaigns from both parties and will test if these improvements improve the user experience, and give more confidence for senders during this election season.”

Political emails that may have been flagged as spam in the past may now show up in Gmail inboxes. However, users will see a “prominent indication” the first time they read one of these emails asking “if the user desires to continue receiving messages from the sender.”

If a user clicks the banner and selects no, all future emails from that sender to that user will be put in the spam bin. Google, on the other hand, today bragged about a “more noticeable unsubscribe button” and the capability to label it as spam. It has not yet been disclosed this new UI.

Still, Gmail runs malware and phishing checks. The people disliked this test initiative, according to Axios:

Despite receiving hundreds of objections, the FEC arguing against it approved the proposal in August. Committees that meet Google’s security guidelines and best practices and are qualified to participate can now register.

As the experiment continues, Google says it “will continue to listen and respond to input.”
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