Fine-tuned, pressure-sensitive styluses are gradually becoming device-independent thanks to the current Universal Stylus Initiative (USI). The FCC today made a detailed announcement on Lenovo’s upcoming USI Pen, which was created to go along with their recently released IdeaPad Duet tablet.

The Universal Stylus Initiative seeks to ensure that if you purchase a stylus of the same caliber as the Apple Pencil or Pixelbook Pen, you may use it on a variety of different devices. For instance, using a USI-compatible Lenovo IdeaPad Duet and an HP stylus, our own Ben Schoon took the time to demonstrate the USI experience on Chrome OS.

Lenovo told us they planned to release their own USI stylus when the IdeaPad Duet was introduced, but they couldn’t yet provide any details. We have our first specific information about Lenovo’s USI stylus today, as found by redditor crakb and reported by Chrome Unboxed , as it is now listed with the FCC under the name Lenovo USI Pen.

According to the images, Lenovo’s pen will be available in black and closely resembles a standard ink pen, down to what might be a clip at the end. According to the images, the Lenovo USI Pen should have a length of about 15 cm (5.5 in).

We can also get some information from the user manual , another submission to the FCC. Instead of a rechargeable battery like the one used in HP’s stylus, the stylus will operate on a AAAA battery inside. On the plus side, though, that might lower the price, making the Lenovo USI Pen a more reasonably priced alternative to the HPs $69.99 stylus .

The Lenovo USI Pen might be on sale at any time now that the FCC has given it its approval. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Lenovo had planned for this stylus to launch sooner rather than later considering the success of the positive reviews for the IdeaPad Duet, the first USI-compatible tablet.

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