The first Apple iPhone went on sale on June 29, 2007, which was this day in history. It helped to pave the way for a revolution in the smartphone market. Since then, many of businesses have entered this market, but Apple has remained resilient and is still one of the most recognizable tech brands worldwide. But Samsung has surpassed it in terms of smartphone sales, and some of the senior executives of the company appear to be pretty bitter about it.

Samsung copied Apple, an Apple executive claims. documentary from The Wall Street Journal examines the 15-year history of the iPhone. In the documentary, journalist Joanna Stern conducts interviews with senior Apple executives, including Greg Joswiak, the marketing director. He was questioned about how Android OEMs, in particular Samsung, impacted the business by attracting customers with large-screen smartphones while the iPhones still had small screens.

They were bothersome, according to Joswiak. They were also bothersome because, as you are aware, they stole our technological innovations. They copied one of our concepts poorly and then simply surrounded it with a larger screen. So, sure, we weren’t exactly happy.

Advertisement His response shows he still harbors resentment toward the Korean company for making Apple contradict itself. Many Apple supporters wanted the company to imitate Samsung when it introduced its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series devices in the early 2010s with larger screens than the time’s iPhones. But Steve Jobs openly rejected the idea of producing larger iPhones. You can’t get your hand around the enormous devices, he claimed. Jobs even stated that nobody would purchase those.

But by 2013, sales of the iPhone had begun to decline. Apple eventually adopted the style in 2014 with the release of the iPhone 6 series. So in a way Apple also imitated Samsung. But the Cupertino-based business won’t say that.

In contrast, Samsung has pioneered a number of smartphone industry advances. The Korean company started with larger screens but also got rid of the front-facing home button. It created the first 5G-capable smartphone and, of course, foldable devices. It also gave tablets OLED panels. Apple also receives display panels from the business.

Advertisement THE TWO COMPANIES HAVE ALSO BROUGHT ACTION IN COURT Apple even sued Samsung, claiming that they had violated its patents. However, the Korean business refused to accept the claims and instead served the former with its own litigation for patent infringement. The lengthy legal drama was finally put to rest in 2018 when the two tech giants reached a settlement. However, neither party made the details of this settlement public.

However, for more than a decade now, Apple and Samsung have been two of the biggest and greatest smartphone manufacturers. Consumers would gain the most as long as they kept competing in a healthy fashion.


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