Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, stated in a Wall Street Journal conference on Tuesday that the company will ‘clearly’ be compelled to adhere to the new standard charger mandate (via CNBC ). Joswiak, however, did not specify when Apple would move to USB-C, which is surprising given that the business still has until autumn 2024 to meet the EU’s requirements.

It’s interesting to note that Apple analysts have previously mentioned that the company might adopt USB-C considerably sooner than expected; some have even said that it might do so as early as September 2023, when Apple is scheduled to unveil the iPhone 15 lineup. It has been suggested that Apple is internally preparing for the changeover months in advance. Since producing iPhones with separate connecting standards would be financially unviable for Apple, international models of the iPhone would also probably convert to USB-C. However, in the long run, Apple is probably going to create a wholly portless iPhone that exclusively charges wirelessly, allowing the corporation to completely evade the EU regulation.

The EU insisted that the use of a uniform charging standard had advantages inherent in it while pushing the regulation forward. In addition to lessening the e-waste issue, this would also simplify life for consumers who own many electronic devices because they wouldn’t have to bother about bringing around various chargers. Apple, meanwhile, continues to assert that the EU’s vote in favor of USB-C would impede innovation and worsen the e-waste issue even as it gets ready to make the switch.


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