It appears that the World of Warcraft mobile game launch that was planned for later this year has been postponed.

The project, known as Bloomberg reports (Opens in a new window) , spent three years in development thanks to a collaboration with the Chinese business NetEase and was given the codename “Neptune.” A mobile MMO set in a different era of the Warcraft universe was anticipated. Only a few of the more than 100 members of the development team are still working at NetEase and assigned to different projects, as the team has since been disbanded.

Blizzard and NetEase have been partners for a long time. NetEase serves as the publisher of Blizzard’s games in China and collaborated on the creation of the free-to-play game Diablo Immortal. An individual with knowledge of the World of Warcraft mobile game arrangement claims that Blizzard and NetEase couldn’t come to an agreement because of differences in the financial parameters. Neither Blizzard nor NetEase are making any comments at this time.


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Dragonflight is currently available for pre-purchase in World of Warcraft.
Blizzard is acquiring a game studio to work on World of Warcraft, according to an image.

For Blizzard to decide to scrap three years of effort on a game that was sure to be immensely popular, the disagreement must have been severe. It also doesn’t make sense when you consider that they jointly shipped Diablo Immortal, which is now bringing in millions of dollars.

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