Your Pixel should soon receive an OTA update after Google stated that Android 13 is rolling out today.

Unfortunately, not every Pixel smartphone will receive the Android 13 upgrade. In essence, updates will be made for Pixel 4 and later. Which complies with Google’s pledge to provide three years of upgrades for its products. Sad nonetheless that Android 13 won’t be officially released on the Pixel 3.

NEW FEATURES IN ANDROID 13 The Android 13 update isn’t really substantial. And as the Android platform has developed over the last four years, that has kind of been the theme. Security and privacy are the main themes of Android 13, which has also been a pattern in recent Android releases.

Advertisement Google is making evolving Material You to operate better across the entire operating system with Android 13. As a result, you may now alter non-Google apps to fit the specific wallpaper theme and colors of your phone. You won’t have arbitrary, unthemed icons on your home screen any longer.

Additionally, Google is introducing a new media player that adapts its appearance and feel to the music or podcast you are now listening to. You will be able to further personalize Bedtime mode in Digital Wellbeing on Android 13. enabling the usage of a dark and dimmer background. When you go to bed, these will aid in helping your eyes adjust to the darkness.

These are just a few of the new features that Android 13 will provide. However, the most significant change is that apps will now need your permission before sending you notifications. Therefore, the dubious app you downloaded won’t be able to give you notifications for random events that you don’t care about anymore.

Advertisement Google Pixel handsets are starting to receive Android 13 today, and other Android smartphones from Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus, and many more manufacturers will get it later this year.


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