For tablets in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 series, Android 12L is now accessible. The latest update is available for the Galaxy Tab S6, Tab S6 5G, and Tab S6 Lite tablets in all three variations. It includes the unique software One UI 4.1.1 from Korean businesses.

In Europe and South Korea, the Galaxy Tab S6, which debuted in August 2019, is presently running Android 12L receiving . In the two areas, the revised firmware for the tablet is designated as T865XXU5DVH2 and T865NKOU5DVH2, respectively. T866NKOU4DVH2 is that for the Galaxy Tab S6 5G. The latter was released in January 2020 and is only available in South Korea. Last but not least, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite in Europe now has firmware version P615XXU4EVI1. The release of this model was in April 2020.

based on Android 12L A number of the new features in One UI 4.1.1 take advantage of the huge screens on these devices to enhance user experience. Your new taskbar will allow you to pin your most frequently used programs for quick switching and effective multitasking. With just a tap, you can choose which apps to launch in split-screen mode. Additionally, Samsung is introducing new gestures for launching pop-up and split-screen modes.

Advertisement Additionally, the edge panel now displays app names, and you can also give each contact a unique call background. OCR (optical character recognition), which extracts text from photos, upgraded Samsung Keyboard and My Files, and updated lock screen settings are some of the other standout features in One UI 4.1.1.

The Galaxy Tab S6 series should soon receive the Android 12L upgrade in other countries where the devices were sold by Samsung. Watch out for a message asking you to download the OTA update in the coming days if you use one of these tablets.

Additionally, Samsung is seeding the most recent security update for the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. With this update, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite receives the September security patch in addition to all these new features. However, only the August patch will be released for the Galaxy Tab S6 and Tab S6 5G. Note that the former receives security upgrades every quarter, but the later two receive them every two years. Consequently, they are only qualified for two security upgrades per year.

Advertisement Both the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and the Galaxy Tab S6 5G came pre-installed with Android 10, and in a few months they should both receive the Android 13 upgrade. While the Galaxy Tab S6 began its existence with Android 9 Pie and will finish it with Android 12L.


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