Google has updated its statistics on the deployment of Android, providing information on Android 12 distribution. 13.3% of Android-powered smartphones are currently running Android 12, and Android 13 is just around the corner.

13.3% of devices are currently powered by Android 12, and Android 13 will be released soon. The pie chart below was made by 9to5Google and shows the distribution statistics for Android. The source states that the percentages in the August pie graphic most likely total 99.8%. Android 12L could make up the final.2%. Due to its emphasis on tablets and foldable devices, Android 12L has its own API level (32).

Remember that Android 12 wasn’t officially mentioned in the May list. Regarding different Android versions. As of right now, Android 11 is at 27%, which is up from May when it was at 23.8%. As a result, Android 11 is currently the most popular version of Android.

Advertisement Android 9 Pie is still at 14.5%, the same level it was at in May, while Android 10 is currently at 22.3%. In spite of being released four years ago, it is still deployed on more devices than Android 12.

The upcoming release of Android 13 was already mentioned. It is anticipated that it will touch down either before the month is out or in the first part of September. As usual, Google’s Pixel phones will receive it first, though we also anticipate Samsung to act quickly.

ANDROID 13 WON’T BE A MAJOR REVAMP OF THE ANDROID OS Of course, we might be surprised by some other phones as well. Android 13 won’t be a major overhaul of Android; Android 12 served that purpose. The addition of Android 13 will help things come together, which is always appreciated.

Advertisement In Android 13, Google will improve Material You, which was very basic in Android 12. When it comes to customisation, you should have far more freedom, and Material You should in some ways be smarter on its own.

A new and enhanced volume picker will also be available, along with additional notification permissions. However, we’re only beginning to scrape the surface. Google announced a lot of upgrades through beta versions, and some unexpected developments were anticipated in the stable build as well.


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