In the past, Colin Angle , , co-founder and CEO of iRobot, has spoken on the record to reassure customers about the security of their data. Data would not be sold to third parties, communication between the company’s gadgets and other smart items would be safe, and customer data should be “owned by the user and not as a data asset of a corporation to exploit,” according to the assertion. It is uncertain whether Amazon will stick with this stance.

Businesswire estimates that Amazon will pay about $61 per share for iRobot and incur a total cost of $1.7 billion. The amount comprises debts that the maker of robotic vacuums has accumulated. On the surface, it doesn’t appear like anything will change at iRobot in the near future. The company will retain its identity, Colin Angle is expected to remain as CEO, and Amazon appears more interested in working with iRobot than buying the business outright.

The deal isn’t finalized even though the price has been determined and the parameters have been agreed upon. It still needs to pass certain requirements, such shareholder approval.


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