Zack from the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel ended up holding the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, so it had its durability tested. If you’re interested, the complete video is included below the article.

THE DURABILITY OF THE GALAXY Z FLIP 4 WAS TESTED As usual, the scratch test is the first evaluation. The primary foldable display and the cover display are both present on this phone. The latter is the first in line and, as was expected, it was scratched up at level 6. The Gorilla Glass Victus is used to shield that panel.

The primary display tells a completely different narrative. Zack was able to scrape it using a level 2 pick, but level 3 picks left deeper scratches. So, yeah, if you’re not careful, your fingernails can hurt it. But you’ll have to apply tremendous pressure. Samsung is employing ultra thin glass (UTG) in this instance, but there is undoubtedly a plastic coating on top that you should leave in place.

Advertisement Zack provides evidence here that Samsung used metal for the phone’s frame. While the volume rocker is detachable, the volume up and down buttons are likewise composed of metal.

Watching the dust test is also quite interesting. To test things out, Zack also made the decision to cover the phone in dust. However, he clearly went too far, acting as if the phone were covered in sand. Despite Samsung’s disclaimer that it can withstand dust, the phone performed well in this test.

The phones’ displays have also been shown with an open flame, as they always are in JerryRigEverything videos. These tests are not that helpful, but there you have it. Since the front screen is protected by plastic, you are aware of what will transpire. However, the back display responded in a more typical manner.

Advertisement The bend test is typically the most fascinating experiment. The final test in this video is also that one. It goes without saying that foldable phones should be more likely to break than standard phones. But it isn’t always the case.

The phone made an odd noise when Zack put pressure from the back, but it didn’t break. It continued to work, but it couldn’t close completely. However, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 performed worse than its predecessor because it didn’t bend or pop as much.


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