Have you recently split up with your girlfriend or been friend-zoned by your partner? There is a chance that if you aren’t getting their replies on iMessages, they may have blocked you. But how can you be certain that you are blocked or ignored on iMessage?

In the article that follows, we have made an effort to provide a response. Deasilex has conducted research into how to determine if we are blocked on iMessage and has compiled a list of the steps to do. However, before moving on, you must understand the fundamental distinction between iMessage and standard SMS carriers. The iPhone supports iMessages, and the network provider supports SMS carriers.

However, there is a technique to follow and the right kind of observation to do in order to determine whether you are blocked on iMessage or not. Sending messages and keeping track of delivery reports are included in this.

It won’t be enough to simply notice the delivery reports; you must be doubly certain before drawing the conclusion that you are blocked.
How to View Blocked Contacts List Activate JavaScript, please

How To See List of Blocked Contacts on iPhone HOW TO DETERMINE IF YOU ARE IMAGE BLOCKED We are aware that we won’t get any notifications since someone has blocked us on iMessage. To jump to the final end of being blocked by someone, you must complete a number of chores.

NO REACTION It’s possible that you’ve been blocked if you’re not receiving iMessage replies. I reiterate that this is just the possibility; it’s merely the first hint that you might have been blocked by the person. You won’t be notified that a text has been delivered to you, and you also won’t be notified if you’ve been blocked. The likelihood that someone will ignore you even if they haven’t blocked you increases if you don’t receive any responses. We advise you to call them and clarify up any confusion.

IMESSAGE MESSAGE SEND Send a message to the person you believe may have blocked you to get confirmation. You can rest assured that you haven’t been blocked if the delivered SMS shows up under the messages. However, there’s a chance you’ve been blocked if the delivered messages are hidden behind the recent texts. We merely mentioned the possibilities; further investigation is required to verify this as well. However, there are other potential causes for not receiving sent messages, such as network problems or the improbable iMessage system crash. So proceed and carry out the subsequent step.

TO FIND OUT IF YOU ARE BLOCKED ON IM, SEND SMS. Move to the standard SMS carriers and text them over SMS service if your messages are not getting delivered on iMessages. Then, wait for the messages to be delivered. There is a chance that they may have stopped you if the same thing as above occurs, but I simply said there was a chance.

Don’t give up, my friend; it’s possible that your network signal is sluggish. Send a message to someone else to verify this. You may have been blocked if the mails were delivered, but we are aware that there is always a chance.

They may have set their iPhone to do not disturb mode, which is the reason they are not receiving your texts.

FROM ANOTHER PHONE MESSAGES Okay, if you tried the aforementioned methods and nothing changed. Try sending them an iMessage from a different iPhone. Be sure of this before messaging because they shouldn’t have your number because there’s a chance they’ve blacklisted all of your numbers.

If the same thing continues to occur, they have undoubtedly activated the Do Not Disturb mode, which is why they are unable to see your messages. However, if the messages are received, you must hold your breath because you might have been blocked.

PHONE THEM Call them if they haven’t already blocked you, but don’t feel helpless. There are several techniques to determine whether or not they have blocked your phone number. The most frequent is when you are forwarded to voice mail following a complete or partial call, with redirection typically occurring after the whole call. This could mean that they have blocked your number, but it could also mean that their phone is dead or on Do Not Disturb mode. We advise calling them from a different number that they don’t have. There are several ways to reach someone through a blocked phone if you are aware that you have been blocked. Click on the text that has been underlined if you are interested in learning these tricks.

OTHER METHODS OF CONTACT We advise you to refrain from contacting them; be respectful of yourself. However, if you must, you can text them on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. But be patient and wait until their rage subsides; else, they might also block you there.

CONCLUSION OF YOUTUBE VIDEO TO KNOW WHO BLOCKED ON MESSAGE You must now be certain in your mind whether you are being ignored or blocked on iMessage. In both scenarios, we advise that you speak openly with the person and clear up any questions. If the situation persists, we advise you to go on and live your life to the fullest. Watch Netflix and play music. Keep checking deasilex for other updates of this nature.


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