Although Amazon’s Alexa is helpful for obtaining a variety of information, the corporation thinks it is capable of providing even more. That will happen as a result of a recent firm announcement. Customers can ask Alexa questions about specific products.

You will be able to ask Alexa for answers if you are browsing around for a product and have a specific inquiry about it. This function is known as Customers ask Alexa by the corporation.

ALEXA WILL ANSWER USEFUL QUESTIONS FROM CUSTOMERS RELATING TO PRODUCTS During its annual seller conference, Accelerate, Amazon made this announcement (via an Amazon blog post ). The business will offer brands resources to help them respond to inquiries customers may have about their goods. Therefore, the brands themselves will provide the solutions. This indicates that Alexa does not generate answers using deceptive AI techniques.

Advertisement According to the company’s description, users will be able to ask Alexa questions like How can I get pet hair out of my carpet while shopping on From that point on, Alexa will give you a response from a company. The solution will also include a URL for the storefront of that business.

We must wait till this feature is officially launched before learning more about it because it is still in its infancy. The business is getting ready to begin testing it out in a select group of outlets. Starting in October, Amazon will make the capability available to some stores. This will be by invitation only, so if you operate a shop, it’s likely that you won’t be invited. But some time in 2023, Amazon will make this feature accessible to all shops.

Because Alexa offers a simple way to look for things on the platform, it seems like a pretty excellent idea for customers to ask her questions. Asking a question is all that is required; there is no need to search through keywords or company names. From there, Alexa will suggest a company or brands with products that can assist you.


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