The Pacific Northwest region is home to renowned auto dealerships owned by Al Monjazeb. You already know that The Jaguar Bellevue is your top Shop if you’re looking for a luxury performance car of the highest standard and want to shop at a business with a solid reputation for offering premium options and first-rate customer care.

We’re pleased to introduce Al Monjazeb, the proprietor of one of the oldest and most seasoned Jaguar Land Rover dealers in North America.

The story of how Jaguar Land Rover Bellevue rose to the top and became the leading dealership in the area, serving motorists in Kirkland, Seattle, Redmond, Tacoma, and beyond.

This article will cover his personal life, family, interests, and values in addition to his professional life.

Who is Al Monjazeb? Brief Background of Al Monjazeb Career Charitable foundations supported by Al Monjazeb AL MONJAZEB: WHO IS HE? The best auto dealerships in the Pacific Northwest region are owned by Al Monjazeb. In Bellevue, Washington, he is the proprietor and president of a Jaguar and Range Rover dealership.

He has a lot of expertise in the auto sector. He has over 25 years of experience working and serving in the sector, and he has held executive positions at Jaguar Seattle, Land Rover Seattle, and BMW. The Seattle Mercedes-Benz dealership owned by Phil Smart Inc. was purchased by Al Monjazeb.

Al Monjazeb has an undeniable desire for providing excellent customer service, as evidenced by his vehicle’s successful track record. He is committed to giving each client an exceptional and unique performance. His vehicle stores cannot be discussed without mentioning their excellent customer care.

A SHORT HISTORY OF AL MONJAZEB’S CAREER Al Monjazeb began his profession in basic circumstances, just like every other young guy, and went on to have a successful career. He enjoys reading about the history of autos because he is a passionate auto enthusiast. His remarkable career was greatly influenced by his intense passion for automobiles and all linked to them.

Al Monjazeb is a philanthropist who utilizes the earnings from the sale of cars as a way to support life-changing projects outside the realm of business.

He gives to organizations that assist or empower girls because he has daughters and has female siblings growing up. For instance, he frequently contributes to the Mona Foundation, whose goal is to empower girls and support education for all.

AL MONJAZEB-SUPPORTED CHARITABLE FOUNDATIONS Al Monjazeb has contributed to numerous charity organizations over the past few years to support the accomplishment of their aims. He primarily accomplishes this by giving away the earnings from car auctions, especially on special occasions.

He chose the extremely rare 2022 Land Rover Defender 90 S, which hasn’t been offered in the US in 23 years, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of his Jaguar Land Rover Bellevue in 2021, and donated the auction’s proceeds to the Mona Foundation.

After announcing the gift, he remarked in a speech at the Live Met Gala that the aim of the Mona foundation, which supports education and empowers girls, “aligns with mine completely.”

According to Mahnaz Javid, president and CEO of the Mona Foundation, “Monjazeb’s very generous Defender 90 S donation will assist in expediting our auction targets in 2021.”

Similar to this, AI Monjazeb donated the proceeds from the sale of the one millionth Toyota Tacoma built, raising around $55,000 for Seattle Children’s.

With a generous heart, AI revealed that his business realized that good fortune needed to be distributed to the less fortunate as soon as he discovered that his dealership had acquired the one millionth Toyota Tacoma manufactured.

“Because I am the parent of two lovely kids, Seattle Children’s is very dear to my heart. For more than ten years, we have donated to Seattle Children’s. With the proceeds from the sale of this cherished car model, we want to increase our donation. I feel both flattered and privileged to present this as a gift. Al Monjazeb stated following the donation.

“We at Seattle Children’s are grateful to AL, and his dealership, for doing this enormous donation of $55,000 in auction winnings from the sale of the exceptional edition Toyota Tacoma to the hospital,” said Eve Kopp, Director of Development, Corporate Events at Seattle Children’s Foundation.

“We’ll divide the money raised between programs promoting mental and behavioral health and our Uncompensated care fund. No matter their financial situation, both will support patients in the Pacific Northwest in receiving care, treatments, and hope.

Al Monjazeb has additionally aided these charitable groups in the past:

Shriner’s, St. Jude’s, and Children’s Hospital of Tacoma. Iranian American Community Alliance (IACA) Newcastle’s Lenny Wilkens Foundation


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