Every user of the applications was unintentionally issued a bulk test notification this morning by Airbnb, who appears to have experienced some type of glitch. That is based on a recent reports that shows the problem.

The apparent problem itself wasn’t necessarily a cause for concern. In a nutshell, it merely sends a notification from the well-regarded travel app to customers’ cellphones. The notification’s pop-out title was Test, according to the app. But neither did its contents provide many new details.

Selecting the notification also had little effect. Instead, it directed visitors to the homepage of the Airbnb apps. As if they had opened the app directly, would have happened.

Advertisement WHAT INDICATED THE ACCIDENTAL MASS NOTIFICATION FROM AIRBNB? The error seems to have been the outcome of some sort of internal test, as already suggested and shown by the information contained in the unintentional Airbnb notification.

Regarding the specifics of the testing, Airbnb has not given any information. Or how such a mistake could be made, for that matter. However, the notification’s contents themselves contain some hints. It was said that the notification was a test. Test dev was the heading.

That implies that a developer for the Airbnb app may have been testing a feature of the notification system. On the other hand, it might have been a test for something else that required access to the system.

Advertisement These tests are typically performed on a version of the program that hasn’t been made available to the general public. It seems that a developer unintentionally submitted a server-side modification to the app’s stable release version, which is what caused the issue. And it appears that happened while being tested.

As of this writing, the test doesn’t seem to have had a negative effect. Apart from the possible displeasure of a portion of Airbnb’s user base.

AirBnB accidentally testing a notice from 9to5Google,

airbnb accidental test notification from 9to5Google

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