Google previously disclosed that a new version of its wired Nest Doorbell would be available. Well, a few weeks before Google’s upcoming presentation, we received some leaked photographs that essentially prove this.

Given that this isn’t a confirmed report, you should proceed with caution. This is based on 9To5Google ‘s thorough dive into the APK (via Android Police ). This implies that adjustments might be made by the organization before to the event.

9To5Google was able to find some photographs of a new Nest device in the most recent Google Home app. GOOGLE MIGHT RELEASE A NEW WIRED NEST DOORBELL. The photographs depict the object from a variety of perspectives, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Advertisement The photographs depict a device that is entirely distinct from the wired doorbell of the first iteration. The front of the first generation model had a short, glossy black cover. These updated pictures reveal a significant overhaul of the Nest Doorbell.

This design is more in line with the most recent battery-operated Nest Doorbell thanks to these leaked photographs. The photos display a unibody design devoid of shiny components. In comparison to the body, the bottom button appears to be larger. Speaking of size, there will be a significant increase in size if the new wired version is as large as the existing battery-powered version.

If these renderings are accurate representations of the upcoming wired Nest Doorbell, it will finally give the wired line a more modern appearance. This might alter, though, before the announcement is made.


The fact that Google included such graphics in the Google Home app’s current version may indicate that the firm intends to make the announcement during the upcoming Google event. And it so happens that Google will have its Pixel event in less than 24 days. It’s probable that this will serve as the launch event for the new Nest Doorbell as well. Time will only tell.


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