Not just Samsung is making fun of Apple for releasing the same iPhone every year. The trolls now include Eve Jobs, the daughter of Steve Jobs, a co-founder of Apple. Eva posted a humorous joke on Instagram Story shortly after the iPhone 14 went on sale to make fun of the new device.

The image in the meme shows a man carrying an identical new item while sporting a striped brown shirt. The man may have simply purchased the shirt himself, but it appears that he was given it as a gift. After Apple’s announcement today, I upgraded from an iPhone 13 to an iPhone 14, the caption reads. It criticizes Apple for releasing a new iPhone every year that is essentially the same as the previous one with a few small tweaks. posted by Wall Street Memes created the original meme.

Trolls have frequently targeted this Apple technique. Every year, Apple releases new iPhone models, yet most of them share the same design. The specifications and feature set haven’t changed much either. For instance, since the iPhone 6s in 2015, iPhones have included a 12MP primary rear camera. After seven arduous years, it finally updated to a 48MP unit on the iPhone 14 series yesterday. Even then, only the Pro models come with the upgrade. There is still a 12MP camera on the rear of the standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus models.

Advertisement The wide display notch operates similarly. Since the release of the iPhone X in 2017, it has been present. On the most recent Pro models, Apple simply made the switch to a pill. The smaller iPhone 14 is virtually a carbon clone of the larger iPhone 13. Apart from the branding, not much has changed. It makes sense why this is a meme topic.

SAMSUNG HAS ALSO BEEN MISREPRESENTING THE APPLE IPHONE 14 Samsung never misses an occasion to mock Apple. Around each iPhone launch, the South Korean company might create a few videos making fun of its competition. It has already released a few of those this year. The first one appeared last week when the announcement of the iPhone 14 began to generate interest in the tech community. In that video, Samsung criticized Apple for its lack of innovation. It highlighted Galaxy specifications and features that Apple lacks, including as foldables, 108MP cameras, and Space Zoom.

Samsung earlier today published another video mocking Apple for not making any changes to the iPhone 14 in response. The daughter of the other co-founder of Apple has now come to the company’s aid. The screenshot below shows the meme that Eve shared.


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