Google Assistant’s arrival earlier this month gave Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 a major boost, but it appears that this has led to some issues. Customers have reported issues with battery consumption and even their watch unpairing itself ever since Assistant arrived on the Galaxy Watch 4.

CERTAIN USERS OF THE GALAXY WATCH 4 DISCONNECT THEIR WATCH The biggest of the two problems currently affecting Galaxy Watch 4 customers is the complete decoupling of gadgets from smartphones. This issue has been the subject of numerous Reddit reports, and one Android Police contributor has even first-hand experience with it.

The affected Galaxy Watch 4 or Watch 4 Classic completely detaches from the user’s smartphone, almost as if it were reset on purpose. When starting a workout, One user explained discovered that their Galaxy Watch 4 was disconnected from their phone. When a disconnect occurs, the standard procedure is to check the Galaxy Wearable app on the connected smartphone and then reconnect from there. However, this user’s watch had completely vanished from the Galaxy Wearable app, and there was no longer any connection between the two gadgets. The watch continued to function normally, but there was no longer a method to couple it with a phone. Similar occurrences were reported by Quite a few other Reddit threads throughout the last few days.

Regrettably, it appears that the only option is to reset the watch and start over, as if pairing to a new smartphone. Obviously, this is not ideal because it entails losing some health information, maybe resetting the watch’s firmware, and having to set up any credit cards in Google Pay or Samsung Pay from scratch.

Although the exact origin of this problem is unknown, Google Assistant appears to be a potential suspect. Bixby was immediately killed by Google’s speech assistant, which is also the sole significant update to the Galaxy Watch 4 in recent weeks. Nearly a month has passed since the previous system update, and the Galaxy Wearable app hasn’t received one since April.

A BATTERY KILLER SEEMS TO BE GOOGLE ASSISTANT But battery life is a problem that Google Assistant is more obviously to blame for. It has become increasingly evident over the past week that Assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4 is an energy hog, significantly depleting the watch’s already meager battery life.

On launch day, The Verge was quick to point out that initial testing revealed a 20% battery drain in as little as two hours, compared to an 8% depletion on the Apple Watch with Siri’s default settings. In six hours of typical use, Zachary Wander, a site friend, reported that Google Assistant consumed 20% of his battery, second only to the display in terms of power usage.

Fortunately, there is a clearer answer to this issue. The Hey Google voice activation is the cause of Google Assistant battery depletion, at least in this amount. It’s hardly surprising that disabling that option significantly improves how efficiently the Assistant utilizes battery as that was a prevalent issue with Wear OS 2 as well.

To Google’s credit, it is clear that this would result in more battery drain during setup (where the feature can be enabled, or skipped). Personally, my battery life hasn’t altered at all since I missed Hey Google when my Watch 4 got Assistant.

WHAT IS THE ANSWER? Right now, it appears that each of these problems will need the assistance of Google and Samsung to be effectively resolved. Since we are currently in the middle of a holiday weekend, it is not particularly unexpected that neither firm has publicly acknowledged these issues thus far.

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