The Google Pixel 7 offers a lot to get thrilled about, but soft-touch glass is ostensibly not one of them.

Marques Brownlee stated in a preview of Google’s next Pixel portfolio that the Pixel 7 series would bring back the company’s excellent matte finish for the back glass, also known as soft-touch. The Pixel 4 series from 2019 does this aesthetic much better than the Pixel 3 series did in the past.

However, the rear glass of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro featured a completely glossy appearance. It was a first for the Pixel line, and it was unusual for flagship devices in general. Over the past couple of years, soft-touch/matte glass has also been used on the top models of Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy. Hardware-wise, it truly put the newest Pixels in an odd position.

Unfortunately, this won’t change with Google’s upcoming lineup. Marques received an sent a correction from Google informing her that the Pixel 7 won’t have soft-touch matte glass when it launches this Fall. This does more closely match the pictures Google has so far published, where the phone’s edges appear to be extremely reflective. It’s unfortunate that Google isn’t following this path, though. The Hazel color of the Pixel 7 Pro would have looked very beautiful with the matte surface.

Please, this year, let’s at least get rid of the curved edges on the Pro.
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