Social networking has recently been buzzed about by apps like DALL-E, which generate graphics from text you write. However, the industry leader in design, photo, and video software Adobe is now exploring this fascinating area of AI research as well.

The new features will become available as beta choices in Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, and other programs that are a part of the business’s Creative Cloud package, as the company explained at its 2022 Max conference.

During the conference’s Sneaks (Opens in a new window) session, Adobe unveiled 10 AI-related projects:
Project Clever Composites automates color and shadow adjustments while streamlining the formerly arduous process of compositing photos into backgrounds.

Project Instant Add uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically map visuals to the selected element in the video, streamlining the traditionally difficult and time-consuming process of editing videos and adding VFX effects in post-production.

Project Magnetic Type: Allows anyone to quickly fuse any shape, including calligraphy that has been hand-drawn, to a piece of live digital text.
During the design process, Project Vector Edge enables designers and their teams to visualize, modify, and collaborate on 2D designs within 3D settings.
Project Motion Mix: Allows developers to quickly produce looping human animations of the highest quality, complete with accurate human motions, all from a still photograph.

Project Blink: Makes editing movies as simple as editing text by assisting anyone in locating and rapidly extracting highlights from video information. You can join up for beta access to Project Blink now that it is available in beta.

Using techniques from 2D painting, the Project Artistic Scenes project transforms 3D scenes. Future VR and AR experiences require high-quality styled 3D content, which creators can produce quickly.

Images can be easily uncropped with Project All of Me. Project All of Me uses AI to create uncropped photo elements, remove unnecessary distractions, and even change the clothing of the photo subject.

Project Beyond the Seen: Produces realistic and completely immersive 3D settings by quickly creating 360-degree panoramas from a single 2D photograph.

Project Made in the Shade: Makes 3D image editing simple and understandable by allowing users to move a person or item inside of a picture and generate realistic shadows.

On the Adobe Max Sneaks YouTube channel (Opens in a new window) , you can view demos of the newest technology.

Project All of Me and those that turn 2D photographs into 3D scenes are the ones I find most fascinating (though CyberLink (Opens in a new window) did something like this several years ago, in the days when 3D video was a hot topic).

All of Me creates body parts and clothing that aren’t present in the original image, even though it’s not quite as totally constructing an image from text as DALL-E and other programs do.

The Backdrop Neural filter for Photoshop, which will let you tell the program to, for example, “Take me to Thailand” and then generate an appropriate background, was also mentioned by company executives at the Adobe Max conference. You can also tell Lightroom to change a picture from day to night using this feature.

In Photoshop, Generative AI enables you to add new items, make variants based on an existing image, or even add a new part to your composite by simply defining what you want, according to business press materials. Although Canva already has an experimental AI text-to-image generating tool, it also states that Adobe Express will have AI generative features.

You may read more about the other new software capabilities that Adobe released in our news article about Adobe Max 2022.
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