With its upcoming release, Samsung’s well-liked Galaxy Z Flip is reportedly going to get some significant upgrades. A dependable tipper claims that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will use a new hinge and trim down its display crease like the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Ice Universe says predicts that the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s display crease will be shallower than the Z Flip 3’s. GALAXY Z FLIP 4 TO WORK ON THE CREASE

Since the first Galaxy Fold, the display crease has been an unintended consequence of Samsung’s tight radius hinge, thus it hasn’t received much attention. Although we’ve often stated that the crease disappears in actual use, it is natural that some find it frustrating and that it puts pressure on the display’s durability. Competitors like Oppo have adopted a different strategy for the hinge, effectively getting rid of the crease or at least significantly reducing it in comparison. The Motorola Razr used a comparable approach.

Although it’s unclear exactly what Samsung is doing, it appears likely that the company will limit the radius at which the phone closes in order to lessen the display crease on the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Either that, or use fabrics that won’t highlight the crease as much. In any event, everyone will welcome the development.

A new hinge as well Samsung appears to be addressing the wrinkle as well by redesigning the hinge. As we already knew about the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Samsung is developing a new hinge that is lighter and smaller in stature. According to some instance listings , the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will also likely use a new hinge.

Even while case leaks are typically inaccurate for providing visual specifics, these do give us a solid notion of what Samsung is modifying with respect to the physical hinge in particular. Particularly, it appears that the hinge will leave less of a space between the phone’s two sides.

Given the source of the information, it would be wise to take it with a grain of salt, but it makes perfect sense for Samsung to modify the Flip 4s’ hinge if the same thing is happening to its larger sibling.

Notably, Ice says that the Fold 4 will weigh only 254g, a significant reduction from the Fold 3’s weight (271g).

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