As the majority of you are aware of and have firsthand experience with, many firms no longer include chargers with their devices. The trend was mostly initiated by Apple, and many others followed. Although OPPO was not a part of that group, it appears that the business will now also support stop including chargers and some products .

Some of OPPO’s products no longer come with chargers. This information was disclosed at the OPPO Reno 8, Reno 8 Lite, and Reno 8 Pro launch event in Europe. We will remove the charger from the box for a number of goods throughout the course of the upcoming year, according to OPPO’s vice president of overseas sales and services. We have a strategy.

He did not specifically state which product categories would lose the charger. Some of you may already be aware that OPPO ships its phones with chargers and unique charging technology. You may be familiar with VOOC and SuperVOOC charging, which has been in use for the past eight years.

Advertisement We have to keep it in the box since “SuperVOOC chargers” are difficult for consumers to obtain. However, as our business grows, we plan to remove chargers from their packaging and place them in our store so that customers can purchase them and use them even after upgrading their devices.

He took great care to avoid mentioning any particular type of equipment. In this case, we’re talking about cellphones, and some of them will stop charging. The problem is that we’re not sure which.

THE GOOD NEWS FOR CONSUMERS IS THAT SOME PRODUCTS WILL STILL KEEP THE CHARGERS, IT SEEMS. SOME DEVICES WILL STILL SHIP WITH CHARGERS. In the event that you purchase a device without a charger, OPPO plans to make them easily accessible in its stores.

Advertisement OPPO will likely claim that this decision was made for environmental concerns. That is the justification that almost every corporation has used. Apple said that power adapters use the most of some materials when the iPhone 12 was first introduced. We can fit up to 70% more iPhone boxes onto a shipping pallet by using smaller, lighter packaging, which contributes to further lowering our carbon footprint.

More than 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions are avoided by removing power adapters from gadget packaging, according to Apple, which is the same as taking 500,000 automobiles off the road for a year.

Keep an eye out since OPPO will probably release additional details about this very soon.


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