One Twitter user, used MS Paint (Opens in a new window) , created amusingly amateur-looking icons as an illustration of how creative you can be with icon personalization. The Shortcuts app is the key in this situation. Continue reading to learn how to design a distinctive iOS home screen with personalized widgets and icons.

Icon creation instructions for the iPhone You can access the New Shortcut page by opening the Shortcuts app (Opens in a new window) on your iPhone and tapping the plus sign () in the top right corner of the screen.

Decide on Add Action.

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Here’s the meat of the advice: You can replace the icon by selecting a file, a photo from your camera roll, or a shot taken with the iPhone’s camera from the tiny Edit Icon menu.

Select the icon next to your shortcut under Home Screen Name and Icon by tapping Add to Home Screen.

Decide whether to choose File, Photo, or Take Photo in the pop-up window that displays. Fortunately, an image doesn’t have to be square or a certain size to be cropped in order to select what will appear.

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Be aware that while making custom icons is enjoyable, there are disadvantages. One is that you don’t go straight to the app when you tap the customized icon to launch it. Instead, the action launches the Shortcuts app first, which directs you to the desired app.


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Additionally, you forfeit any long-press menu choices that the official symbol offers. For instance, the WhatsApp symbol allows users to take a picture or start a discussion with a long tap. When you long-press a custom icon, your two choices are to delete it (in this menu, it’s referred to as a Bookmark rather than an App) or change the home page.

Custom icons are entertaining, but the widgets on the home screens really capture my attention. It’s really easy to add a widget to a home page.

To access the plus sign () button at the top’s left corner on some iPhone models and the right corner on others, long-press the home page.

Choose the widget of your choice. Then, by swiping to the right, you may scroll through the many size and design options that are offered.

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