There has been an Action Launcher for a very long time. The popular Android app at the time had a large user base. Sadly, a lot of features were pay-to-play, making the most fundamental elements only available to those who were willing to pay. Thankfully, Action Launcher v50 removes the paywall and adds a few other significant adjustments.

Action Launcher is typically one of the first names mentioned whenever the subject of third-party launchers is brought up. The launcher is known for being the norm for Android devices. The app has undoubtedly seen numerous upgrades over the years to mirror some of the most significant ones produced by Google. But in recent years, the hardship of the free user has been the issue.

Previously, people who wished to use the launcher without paying received a few features, but nothing particularly noteworthy. The creators are aware of this. In actuality, this served as the impetus for the revisions in v50.

Action Launchers’ past freemium implementation has been appalling. The software was hardly functional for non-paying consumers since it was way too aggressive in urging people to buy the Plus upgrade, which turned off a lot of people.

C. S. Lacy

Action Launcher is slated to be an experience designed for everyone with v50, according to Chris Lacy, whether you pay or not. Additionally, v50 adds a better search engine that works in conjunction with the Pixel Launcher. Better results from the web and your device are provided via Action Search, and various Action Launcher settings can be changed directly from the homescreen.

Action Launchers’ default settings are being modified in addition to Action Search and other free features. The app is including shortcuts to recently altered settings as well as a search box for settings. The latter is thrilling for individuals who enjoy repeatedly visiting the settings page and fiddling with the toggles for hours on end.

Overall, Action Launcher v50 and later will have some intriguing new enhancements, especially for free users. is currently being made available to Android users and may be found on the Google Play Store.

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