According to the people at PBK Reviews, the ASUS ZenFone 9 received an unimpressive repairability rating of disassembled . The item received a 4.5 out of 10 repairability rating. That isn’t the worst we’ve seen by a long shot, but it’s also not the best either.

However, this video can assist you repair the gadget or someone who typically repairs smartphones. IT REVEALS THE ASUS ZENFONE 9 REPAIRABILITY SCORE. The movie is over 8 minutes long and goes into great detail.

In this video, the phone is disassembled and then put back together. In case you or someone you know ever needs to go through this, you can witness the entire process here.

So, exactly how do you pick up the phone? You must enter from the back of this building. There are numerous screws there that must all be removed after the polymer backplate is removed.

You may begin removing components, like as cooling plates, the phone’s camera units, motherboard, battery, and more, once those screws have been undone.

According to the source, the screen appears to be the hardest component to replace in terms of repairability. The repairability rating for that section was 0.5 out of 2. Everything else, such as the design, parts availability, battery replacement, and replacement of other parts, is a 1 out of 2. The description is shown below.


ASUS ZenFone 9 teardown image 2

” alt=”Teardown photo of the ASUS ZenFone 9″>

THIS MOBILE PROVES COMPACT FLAGSHIPS CAN BE DONE RIGHT The ASUS ZenFone 9 managed to garner a lot of attention when it was released, and the business demonstrated how a true compact flagship can be executed properly by virtually entirely improving the ZenFone 8.

The phone is quite powerful, comes with good cameras, long battery life, and a really good display, among other things, making it a great phone and the perfect choice for those of you who want a more portable Android flagship.


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