According to Reuters , the most recent case against Google’s alleged deceptive advertising practices could result in the business paying 25 billion euros ($25.4 billion) in fines to British and Dutch regulators.

For the corporation, Google’s business and advertising tactics have always been a contentious subject. Lawsuits against Google have dramatically increased in recent years, and industry observers think the corporation is abusing its position to control the market. Now, British and Dutch courts might impose a $25.4 billion fine on the Alphabet-owned firm. Two lawsuits will reportedly be filed in these courts in the upcoming weeks, according to the article.

According to the case, which was brought by a number of publications, Google has benefited from deceptive advertising techniques. The conflict between Google and publishers has previously occurred. The corporation was fined $267 million by French publishers for market manipulation last year. Even Google was compelled by the European Union to get into a contract with more than 300 publishers on the continent.

Advertisement It’s time for Google to take responsibility for its actions and make good on the harm it has done to this vital sector of the economy. To secure compensation for publishers in the EU and the UK, we are announcing these lawsuits today in two jurisdictions, according to a statement from the law firm Geradin Partners.

Google may get a hefty fine in the UK and the Netherlands due to its advertising practices. Naturally, Google has responded to the complaint by asserting that it collaborates positively with EU publishers. The case is speculative and opportunistic, the corporate representative even told Reuters. Google also stated that it intends to fight it vehemently.

The UK government wants to collect compensation from any websites that display banner ads, including conventional publishers. The Dutch case, however, targets all impacted publishers.

Advertisement Google’s legal team will make every effort to avoid paying the massive $25.4 billion fine because it is not a little sum that should be disregarded. These penalties were levied at a time when it’s been suggested that Google is bracing for a financial catastrophe and even had to scrap plans for the next-generation Pixelbook to reduce costs.


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