We were really hoping to learn more about a potential Pixel 6a launch and release at Google I/O, which is due to begin this week. We questioned you last week about your intentions to purchase the Pixel 6a when it launches considering that it will probably be the Pixel 6 Lite. What you had to say is below.

Although we are very familiar with the impending device, we are unable to pinpoint its launch date. Since the launch of the Pixel A-series, Google has taken use of many of the features that make the flagship lineup an excellent choice for Android enthusiasts at a more affordable price. The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro practically reset the entire series, but they also have a long list of problems, so for some fans, the Pixel 6a needs to deliver.

The cost will undoubtedly be a big bone of contention. The Pixel 6a might become a must-have if priced reasonably. It comes as no surprise, then, that a staggering 41.30% of our readers who took the time to reply to the initial survey claimed they would only purchase the Pixel 6a if the price was right. At this point, we just don’t know what that proper price will be.

Even more, Reader Troik admitted that they intend to purchase a Pixel 6a to give as a gift. If this is the case, they should definitely apply to become Troik’s friend! They obviously do not belong to the 16.8% of our readers who expressed caution and indicated they were waiting to see the specifics of the launch’s announcement.

If the Pixel 6a manages to cost less than $450, it might be viewed as a bargain considering that the Pixel 6 starts at an alluring $599 pricing. Anything more than that makes it more difficult to suggest because it probably won’t have some of the more expensive features featured on the normal Pixel 6. Even while there were some similarities, it surprised us that only 5.68% of our readers said they were considering the Pixel 6 given that the 6a would probably have less features.

How many 9to5Google readers will buy the Pixel 6a

Many users claimed they will continue using other devices despite the design and size of the Pixel 6 series, like reader Brian who said she would continue using the 5a. 15% of the readers who responded said they were not interested in buying or were not considering buying the Pixel 6a.

We received a good number of comments stating that they possessed the Pixel 6 or 6 Pro and would not consider purchasing a less-upgradable device, but a handful claimed to have switched to Samsung, notably reader Groud Frank . He made the transition and expressed his happiness that he had chosen the Galaxy route this time, citing the better update policy as the basis for his decision. Some people, like like MechR , just said “no headphone jack, no buy.”

Of those who responded, 21.2% stated they would buy a Pixel 6a regardless of the situation. Many people have stated that they prefer a smaller Pixel 6 model. Unfortunately, the size change will be, at best, negligible and, at worst, undetectable.

Will you purchase the Pixel 6a when it launches if you didn’t vote in our initial poll? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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