What Google thinks of Stadia in regard to Immersive Stream for Games is interestingly revealed by a recent interview.

One of the revelations that emerged from Google’s announcement that it was scaling back its attempts to create first- and second-party games through Stadia Games and Entertainment was that it would be making Stadia’s streaming technology available to other businesses. ATandamp;T used this for the first time when it gave its clients access to Batman: Arkham Knight in its entirety last year, and more recently when the business expanded to include Control.

Google officially unveiled their work on this at GDC this year under the name Immersive Stream for Games, which many assumed to be a white label or business-to-business version of Stadia. However, Google does not view the relationship between Immersive Stream and Stadia in this manner.

Dov Zimring, Google’s head of product for Stadia and Immersive Stream, claims in an interview with Forbes that Stadia was just the first platform to deploy Immersive Stream for Games. In other words, Stadia is the product of Immersive Stream for Games, not the other way around, according to Google.

The conclusion is that Google always intended for Immersive Stream’s essential streaming features to be made available to other businesses. Contrarily, Google focused all of its attention and hype when Stadia was first unveiled in 2019 as a standalone product rather than a result of a Google Cloud service.

Before Stadia’s release, Project Stream from 2018 was the only information we had about the company’s cloud gaming initiatives. In this technical demonstration, Google’s efforts to address the issues of high-bandwidth, low-latency streaming on any connected screen were demonstrated. In retrospect, Project Stream served as a demonstration for both Stadia and Immersive Stream for Games.

Google considered Stadia, along with Nest and Fitbit, as a new pillar of the hardware company when it was still in its infancy. The emphasis has changed, as previously reported, to make Immersive Stream the center of Google’s gaming efforts since Stadia’s potential for near-term success is dwindling. The latter branding has even already started to grow thanks to Google, which just unveiled Immersive Stream for XR, which can smoothly stream high-fidelity 3D models into your phone’s camera view.

Google’s 9TO5 What does Stadia’s future hold with this change in emphasis? If Stadia is merely an extension of Immersive Stream for Games, Google’s capacity to license out and enhance Immersive Stream will enable advancements that Stadia users should eventually gain from.

According to the author, Stadia is now in a far better situation because the service’s future is no longer dependent on its own performance.
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