The mobile version of “World of Warcraft,” code-named “Neptune,” was a detour from the main storyline that took place in a different era than what players had previously discovered on the PC edition. This is not the first mobile “Warcraft” game that has lately been cancelled. Bloomberg stated in May 2022 that a mobile “World of Warcraft” game based on Niantic’s popular Pokmon Go was also scrapped.

woman playing World of Warcraft on PC

Blizzard said in February 2022 that a “World of Warcraft”-based mobile game was under development and will be published this year. The game ” Diablo Immortal,” which was also created in cooperation with NetEase, is still popular. The game has been well received since its debut in June 2022. According to SensorTower , the game has already made $100 million in just a few months.

We’ll have to wait and watch how the termination of a “World of Warcraft” mobile game affects Blizzard and NetEase’s collaboration. The disgraced CEO of Blizzard, Bobby Kotick, acknowledged that an multiple” free-to-play mobile games based on the popular series was in active development in February 2021. These projects’ future is likewise yet unknown.

It is not surprising that Blizzard wants a piece of the action given the rise of mobile gaming over the past several years and the popularity of games like “Fortnite Mobile,” “Call of Duty: Mobile,” and “PUBG Mobile” that have inspired their own competitive esports communities. It’s difficult to pass up the chance when it has “World of Warcraft” in its hands, a beloved franchise.


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