On August 10, Samsung will reveal two brand-new foldable smartphones. That is currently not a secret. However, it appears that Samsung is also working on other foldable gadgets than foldable smartphones. It appears that Samsung is also working on a foldable tablet.

A FOLDABLE TABLET SEEMS TO BE UNDER DEVELOPMENT BY SAMSUNG. Actually, Ice Universe is a reputable source from which this information is derived. Through Weibo, the tipper disclosed this information. The company’s foldable tablet was actually called the Galaxy Tab Fold by the speaker.

He also mentioned the potential launch date for the smartphone. It might come along with the Galaxy Tab S9, he suggested. The Galaxy Tab S8 tablet was released in February of this year, therefore the company’s Galaxy Tab S9 and foldable tablets may be released in the first quarter of 2019 or in 2024. Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tab S7 in 2020 and the Tab S8 in 2022, so it’s not 100% certain that the company will introduce a new top tablet the following year.

Advertisement For those of you who aren’t up to speed, the Galaxy S22 series also debuted on February 9. As a result, the company’s foldable tablet might be seen alongside the Galaxy S23 or Galaxy S24.

Naturally, nothing is fixed in stone. Ice Universe didn’t state he was certain about it or anything of the type, so this is simply an initial rumor. He merely stated that it might be. The conclusion to be drawn from this is that Samsung is developing the product intensively and has intentions to release it.

THE GALAXY Z FOLD 4 WILL BE SLIGHTLY SMALLER THAN THAT DEVICE. Naturally, that smartphone will be significantly bigger than the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Although it’s not a particularly compact smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 can be folded into one. When folded, the Galaxy Tab Fold will probably be significantly bigger.

Advertisement But as of yet, we don’t actually know much about the gadget. But a lot more information will be released in the upcoming months if it actually does come in the first quarter of 2019.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 are the big draw as we wait for that to happen, though. Samsung did set the launch date for August 10 for the two phones, which have been leaked for a while.

During that event, the firm will also reveal its Galaxy Watch 5 series smartwatch(es) and a brand-new set of truly wireless earphones. Fans of Samsung will have a thrilling day, there is no doubt about that.



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